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A multi-user computer system hosted on the virtual machine service with Linux containers (LXC).

This system aspires to be a multi-user, multi-desktop/distro (MUMD) system -- a place where multiple users can access thousands of pre-installed useful gui, terminal-based, and line-based applications. A "shell" server for the modern age.

LDAP is being used to allow you to have one account that works for logging into multiple MUMD services. Your MUMD account also allows you to log on to the Skullspace virtual machine service.

Claim your account

Visit from the Skullspace LAN and follow the link to MUMD. This is unavailable outside of Skullspace.

Accounts are for members only and will be verified. Please include information in the claim process to help us verify you.

MUMD hosts open to all users

  • Latest Ubuntu LTS (12.04) --

Log in

Three ways to log in to each MUMD host from the skullspace LAN using the internal ip addresses listed above (

  • SSH (port 22)
  • RDP (port 3389)
  • XDMCP e.g. X -query, Xephyr -query, Xnest -query

The Latest Ubuntu container can also be reached on port 2288 (ssh) and 23389 (RDP) from outside Skullspace via

Desktop Environments

Default desktop environment on RDP login is LXDE. A different login session can be specified in ~/.xsession .

Security challenge

Non-disruptive attempts to discover security flaws are welcome if disclosed on discovery. A possible fruitful area to look at is the claimid system, as it accesses a private file with the master LDAP password in order to add the accounts. (somebody bug Mark to post code to Skullspace github group)


We'll try and take some LVM snapshots from time to time and copy off site. Don't count on it, backup your stuff, distributed version control in particular is very nice.

Intense Resource Usage

As a server running under the vmsrv Please see the vm server page on intense resource usage