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For everything in this list we are accepting both donations of items and lending of items.

Donations - D

A straight up donation, where SkullSpace gets ownership of the item.

Lending - L

A form of borrowing where the owner retains ownership but lends the item to skullspace indefinitely. The owner will have to sign a piece of paper stating that a) if if gets broken, SkullSpace or whomever broke it isn't liable, the owner is basically boned and b) the owner must provide at least 30 days notice before removing the item from the space (taking it back), in order to allow SkullSpace to obtain a replacement.

If we get it, please move the item to the Wishlist Archive.


These items we need to have in our space.

Kitchen Area
Item Notes Cost/Donator Have it?
Hot plate/stove Cooking - possibly not required if we have a microwave, toaster oven, and skillet. Also note that we can only run two high-drain devices at a time. (E.g. Microwave and skillet) $?? No
Pots/pans/whatever Cooking - only needed if we have a hot plate/stove $?? No
Popcorn machine Movie night / air freshener $?? No
Kitchen Knife We've got a bread knife and some steak knives, but we need something suitable for chopping things up and stuff like that. Medium-size, sturdy, and straight, with a lightly-serrated edge. $?? No
Laptop Work Area
Item Notes Cost/Donator Have it?
Networking Equipment
Item Notes Cost/Donator Have it?
Switch Cisco 3550 L - Richard No
Switch Intel 24port 10/100 D - Jason (notjason) No
WiFi AP Mikrotik RouterBoard A/B/G/N L - Richard No
UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply $?? No
UPS Batteries $?? No
Presentation Area
Item Notes Cost/Donator Have it?
Work Bench Area
Item Notes Cost/Donator Have it?
Hot air rework station For doing reflow soldering/unsoldering, useful for surface mount parts and desoldering parts with many pins L - Ben Bergman Yes
Fume/smoke collector Fume filter/fan I have a few fans that would work for this, duct work is easy to do. (MikeHat) No
Helping Hands tool One of these per soldering station would be nice [1] No
Panavise Very handy for circuit boards and other things [2] No
Fire Extinguishers Provided by landlord through Pyrene Yes
First Aid Kit Should be decently epic D - Mike/Hat Need more
Drill Could use a couple good ones D - Andrew (corded) No
Jigsaw Could use a good one Andrew (handheld, corded, no blades) No
Item Notes Cost/Donator Have it?
Other Stuff
Item Notes Cost/Donator Have it?
Access Control System Working on it $500 No
Alarm System To protect our stuff, or at least annoy thieves. Might help lower insurance costs? $I have an old home based system should work out ok. No
Computer monitors LCD - can always use more $?? No
Virtual Machine Host this will make it easy to provide members with servers, although virtualized. $?? No


Things we don't need on day 1, but moving forward we would very much like to acquire.

Item Notes Cost/Donator Have it?
Microphone Something you can clip on your clothes, this is for presenters giving talks. Something suitable to feed into a recording setup. $?? No
Recording system / Media center Basically a computer dedicated to recording. Needs a decent hard drive or fast fileserver access (raw DV is 3MB/s). Also might need a firewire port (depends on camera), doesn't need much else really. Ethernet connection to the presentation laptop to grab a stream of the screen. This could double as a media centre for playing music when we are not presenting. In this case it needs a sound card. $?? No
Lamps Should have one high power lamp for each soldering/etc station $?? No
TV For video games I guess - flatscreen LCD would be best (we have CRT) $?? No
Video games For TV I guess $?? no
Laser cutter LAZZZZZOR $?? No
Printer Samsung CLP-310N L - Andrew No
3D Printer MakerBot or something we could assemble as a project would be cool. Ultimaker looks interesting (basically Makerbot that moves the print head instead of the platform to allow larger objects) but isn't officially out yet [3] $?? No
Darkroom For developing photographs Adrian has enlarger, trays, etc. No
Lightbox or Light table For tracing/viewing schematics/blueprints $?? No
Lego Mindstorms Kits Robots. 'Nuff said. $?? No
Rock climbing wall ceilings are high enough for a decent bouldering wall with big crash mats $?? No
People scale Mostly for weighing heavier things $?? No
Things scale For weighing things that aren't quite as big as people $?? No
LCD Monitors. For hacking $?? No
Board games. For playing $?? Yes, always but need more!