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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.
Date Item Who Status
2010-12-21 Talk to tish Re: logo Andrew Complete
2010-12-21 File articles of incorporation Andrew Complete
2010-12-21 Set up mailing list RonMak Complete
2010-12-21 Get info about Ruby meetup Ron Complete
2010-12-21 Book 40-person room @ library Ron Cancelled
2010-12-21 Get pricing on business cards MakRon Complete
2010-12-21 Create a Facebook account Mak Complete
2011-01-04 Get info into logo designers' hands Andrew Complete
2011-01-04 Ask Mark about the space Mak Complete
2011-01-04 Look at getting a projector Ron Waiting
2011-01-04 Make a member benefits page Ron Complete
2011-01-18 Write a blog on the muffin challenge w/ pictures Andrew Complete
2011-01-18 Submit a talk to Code Camp Stef Complete
2011-01-18 Send abstracts to Stef Ron Complete
2011-01-18 Infiltrate local groups Everybody Complete
2011-01-18 Infiltrate Reddit Winnipeg Everybody Complete
2011-01-18 Get info about startup funding Martin Complete
2011-01-18 Get info about Destination Winnipeg Ron Complete
2011-01-25 Follow up with Stef on his items Ron Complete
2011-01-25 Follow up with logo designers Ron Complete
2011-01-25 Open a bank account, paypal account, etc (once the paperwork comes back) Andrew Complete
2011-01-25 Get information about Destination Winnipeg and present at next meeting Ron Complete
2011-01-25 Find out how other hackerspaces are run, and what we can learn from them, and especially how they deal with theft/decision making Mark Complete
2011-01-25 Make a list of all potential members so we'll have people when we start a space Andrew Complete
2011-02-01 Meet with Mike/Ed/Dave to find out more information about grants Ron Complete
2011-02-01 Create a list of past/future community events Ron/Andrew Complete
2011-02-01 Create a page (possibly on flickr?) for logos Ron Complete
2011-02-01 Install countperday on blog Ron Complete
2011-02-01 Fix wiki logo Ron Complete
2011-02-01 Write up the prototyping space idea Ron Complete
2011-02-01 Look into mailing list archive software Ron Complete
2011-02-01 Talk to Mike about the legalities of the password dissemination Ron Complete
2011-02-01 Check for unnused office space before Feb 8 Stef Unnecessary
2011-02-01 Check for unnused classroom space at RRC before Feb 8 Mark Complete