Back in my day, we punched tape instead of each other

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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

A secret message has been written to a paper tape. Your mission is to write a PDP-11 program to operate the H11 paper tape reader in order to reach this tape. A RS-232 controller is your only form of output.

This level is still under development, we haven't actually created a secret paper tape yet or the proof of concept program.

Working Development Tools

Tools needing further development

  • Mark's PDP-11 ODT memory dumper -- allows you to use the built-in hardware debugging of the LSI-11/03 (DEC ODT console over serial) to dump out ranges of active memory addresses to your PC. Was written but yet tested -- code needs to be posted.
  • PDP-11 memory loader -- allows you to use the built-in DEC ODT console to load a program into memory over serial. Not yet started.

Documentation needing development

  • H11 documentation provided on request.
  • Should link to PDP-11 assembly documentation.
  • Need to write abbreviated instructions on how to build gcc for PDP-11 cross compiling.
  • Should link to C documentation, but note that c libraries are not available.
  • Should write summary doc of memory address assignment and meaning of registers for serial card and tape reader.