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We have a small corner of the space with bikes to borrow and tools to fix your bike.

PDF for the sign-out sheet: File:Bicycle signout sheet v1.pdf

Bike Borrowing Policy

  • Only SkullSpace members may borrow bikes
  • Fill out the Sign Out Sheet when borrowing
  • Please only keep the bike as long as you need it


Please do not take tools home. They tend to either disappear entirely or be gone for multiple days, which means others can't use them.

  • Repair stand (to lift your bike and save your back!)
  • Floor pump w/ pressure gauge (Presta and Shrader valve adapters)
  • A variety of wire and synthetic bristle brushes
  • Chain cleaning tool (recently broke, we should replace)
  • Chain breaker tool (recently returned -Alex)
  • 13mm/15mm (double-ended) cone wrench (recently returned -Alex)
  • Complete socket set (second drawer of blue cabinet)
  • Large collection of wrenches/spanners (box/ring on one end, open on the other)
  • Tire levers


These are things that may get used up over time. Please update this page if something has run out.

  • Lots of patches and rubber cement for fixing flats
  • WD-40
  • Orontas "Type B" chain lube
  • MEC Bio-Cycle chain cleaner solution
  • Releasall
  • Park Tool "Polylube" (polyurea) grease
  • A single V-Brake noodle
  • A 2-foot length of broken chain (borrow links from this!)
  • Jagwire "basics brake kit" (mountain bike end)
  • Coil of inner brake wire with Campagnolo end
  • A brakes with a road brake lever (missing the hood)
  • A kickstand (adjustable leg, clamps onto chainstay)
  • A bunch of new inner tubes