Board Election 2014

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An AGM has been for February 25, 2014, at 6 PM. The AGM will take the place of our regular weekly meeting. There will be an election at this time for a new Board of Directors.

The following individuals have declared themselves candidates:

  • Ben Bergman (incumbent)
  • Colin Childs
  • Ken DeWitt
  • Siu Hample
  • Courtney Lofchick (incumbent)
  • Brittany Postnickoff (incumbent, kind of)
  • Alex Weber (incumbent)
  • Cian Whalley

The Board consists of five Directors.

The result of the election was that the following individuals were elected:

  • Alex Weber
  • Ben Bergman
  • Brittany Postnickoff
  • Courtney Lofchick
  • Colin Childs

Two bylaw amendments (first and second) to the Bylaws were also voted on, and both were carried.