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* Autopsy Turvy
* Autopsy Turvy
* Memory Fist
* Memory Fist
* Tritone Paradox

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CTF stands for "Capture The Flag", and is used (at least by us) to refer to any sort of challenge, exercise, or puzzle that we do.



Team Name



  • Developmentally Arrested ("We're very good!")



  • "Good enough!"
  • "Fun > Fame"
  • "Windmilling at keyboards."
  • "We hate forensics."
  • "Bad assembly, not executing."


Team Challenge Result Followup Wiki page
Nepharia Notpron ongoing since 2007, level Delta currently
SkullSpace Skoudis's Holiday 2010 Technical Winner 1 2
SkullSpace Skoudis's Holiday 2011 No recognition 1
Mogigoma Stripe CTF 2.0 7 of 8 levels completed 1
Tableflip PoliCTF 11th of 93 teams 1
Smiling Politely Skoudis's Holiday 2012 No recognition 1
Daunting Queue Ghost in the Shellcode 2013 37th of 126 teams
Night Danger Plaid CTF 24th out of 293 scoring or 898 registered teams n/a PlaidCTF