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* Ping Dynasty
* Ping Dynasty
* Piezoelectric BOOM
* Piezoelectric BOOM
* [http://i.imgur.com/TxOcieU.jpg Syrup Lion] - Used in Derbycon IOT CTF by Aricon
* [http://i.imgur.com/TxOcieU.jpg Syrup Lion]
* [http://xkcd.com/1189/ Trans-Neptunian Panic Zone]
* [http://xkcd.com/1189/ Trans-Neptunian Panic Zone]
* Autopsy Turvy
* Autopsy Turvy
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* [https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiratard/comments/3ct5ww/this_is_why_i_cant_take_the_tea_party_seriously/ Insight Riots]
* [https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiratard/comments/3ct5ww/this_is_why_i_cant_take_the_tea_party_seriously/ Insight Riots]
* [https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153555137535362&set=a.10150359541975362.402953.626030361&type=1 Ruined Banana]
* [https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153555137535362&set=a.10150359541975362.402953.626030361&type=1 Ruined Banana]
* Cracker Uranus (katamari dominici)
* Cracker Uranus (Katamari Dominici (a stupid PS2 game))
* Traumatic Insemination (how bedbugs mate)

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CTF stands for "Capture The Flag", and is used (at least by us) to refer to any sort of challenge, exercise, or puzzle that we do.

We have an official page / ranking on CTFtime here


Probably Ghost in the Shellcode.

Team Name



  • Trans-Neptunian Panic Zone
  • Autopsy Turvy
  • Tritone Paradox (from Ron)
  • Shaky Premise
  • Dude Dilligence
  • Crazy Chicken
  • strick rampet alchohalisym (From Adrian)
  • Devinci's Deviants
  • Lords Of Pestilence (Bacterionomicon)
  • The Nine Inch Males (or possibly "The Nine Inch Males (and Brittany)")
  • Oh The Huge Manatee (from Meme)
  • Lettuce Party (from spam)
  • Horrific Nipple Carnival (from IRC)
  • Upperdeckers (Because... Ron)
  • Ricky Clicks
  • Ebola Clown Captain (IRC topic)
  • Over-Prepared Anus (IRC topic)
  • Autoerotic Cookie Clicking (IRC topic)
  • Troubleshooting Insanity (IRC topic)
  • Vagina Phobia (IRC topic)
  • Fuck. The. Tortoise. (IRC topic)
  • Poop On Daddy (IRC topic)
  • Acute Lesbian Memory Loss (IRC topic)
  • 45° MAX POWER
  • Epoch Fail (IRC topic)
  • Baby Steak Lion Bait (IRC topic)
  • Muffin Lust (IRC topic)
  • Disapproving Mustache (IRC topic)
  • Humourless Vegans (IRC topic)
  • Fecal Fat Test (IRC topic)
  • Emo Party (IRC topic)
  • Stochastic Banana (IRC topic)
  • Flavour Country (IRC topic)
  • Doom Bathroom (IRC topic)
  • Outlet for Oppression (IRC topic)
  • Stripper Glitter Herpes (IRC topic)
  • Feel Club (IRC topic)
  • Procreating In Earnest (IRC topic)
  • Cock-Locked Switch (IRC topic)
  • Stipper-Cupcake Continuum (IRC topic)
  • Rifle Love Tap (IRC topic)
  • Diaper Terrorism (IRC topic)
  • Implements of Husbandry (Manitoba Highway Traffic Act / IRC)
  • Strawberry Scorpion Poetry (http://www.xkcd.com/1383/)
  • Yesterday's Jam
  • Cashbar Wedding
  • Insight Riots
  • Ruined Banana
  • Cracker Uranus (Katamari Dominici (a stupid PS2 game))
  • Traumatic Insemination (how bedbugs mate)


  • "Good enough!"
  • "Windmilling at keyboards"
  • "We hate forensics."
  • "Bad assembly, not executing"
  • "Aim High"
  • "Make the Bad Horse gleeful, or he'll make you his mare"
  • "Confidence intervals are easy. If you have a 5 inch penis..."
  • "We only have business ends"


Team Slogan Challenge Result Followup Wiki page
Nepharia Notpron ongoing since 2007, level Delta currently
SkullSpace Skoudis's Holiday 2010 Technical Winner 1 2
SkullSpace Skoudis's Holiday 2011 No recognition 1
Mogigoma Stripe CTF 2.0 7 of 8 levels completed 1
Tableflip PoliCTF 11th of 93 teams 1
Smiling Politely Skoudis's Holiday 2012 No recognition 1
Daunting Queue Ghost in the Shellcode 2013 37th of 126 teams
Night Danger Plaid CTF 24th out of 898 teams (293 scoring)Z n/a PlaidCTF
Memory Fist Ghost in the Shellcode 2014 20th out of 300 scoring teams n/a
Nate Delivers Breakfast "Come for the bouquet, stay for the mouthfeel" PlaidCTF 2014 36th out of 1100 teams (867 scoring) n/a
Zipper Danger "Still paying off our public nudity fines" DEF CON Quals 2014 73rd out of 403 scoring teams
Brute Farce "Fun > Fame" Ghost in the Shellcode 2015 32th out of 323 scoring teams) n/a
Flehmen Response "The right name this time" Boston Key Party 2015 n/a n/a
Ping Dynasty Defcon Qualifiers 2015 77th out of 285 n/a