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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.
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This document will set out the policy and procedure for SkullSpace elections, based on the General By-law of SkullSpace Winnipeg Inc..

As stated in the bylaws, the Annual General Meeting will be announced to all members (via the Announce mailing list) at least three weeks (21 days) prior to the meeting. It is at that meeting that voting will take place (assuming that at least six candidates step forward).

The process is as follows:

  • The Board will announce the meeting via email, and name an Election Official.
  • Until 1 week before the election, candidates email their interest to the Election Official, who will record them.
    • The Election Official must be a member in good standing who is not running in the election.
  • At 1 week before the election:
    • The nominations close.
    • The list of candidates is sent out by the Election Official via the Announce mailing list.
    • Each member in good standing will receive a unique random code, which is their Election Token - members may give this Election Token to other members, to serve as their 'proxy'
  • On election day, assuming there are more candidates than director positions, members will fill out ballots, checking off names of who they vote for, and fill in in their Election Token in the appropriate place
  • The Election Official will collect the ballots and count them
    • If a single Election Token is used on multiple ballots, those ballots are invalidated
    • In the case of a tie-breaker vote being required, the Election Official will cast the tie-breaker
  • The successful directors will be announced as soon as the votes are tallied, and will decide amongst themselves in whichever way they see fit which officer positions they will fulfill
    • If less than five (5) directors are elected, we'll deal with it at the AGM.

In practice:

  • The Election Official can serve as a proxy - votes can be emailed to him or her after the candidates are announced.
  • Votes for special resolutions may be done on the same ballot.