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Grand Opening
Grand Opening

Hey everybody, our hackerspace (as seen in the Free Press) is having its grand opening! If you're a fan, or you've never been there, or you're somewhere in between, come check us out! We'll have food, talks, people, demos, and more! Bring the family! Let's fill the hackerspace!

It's all going down on November 5. We'll open the doors about 1pm, and kick things off at 2:30 with a talk from Ron Bowes about what we're all about. The rest of the day will have talks and demos from various members, and an open house where you can check things out.

At 6pm, we're going to lock up and head to the King's Head. Your ticket will get you a free drink once there, and we'll have the upper floor until 10pm.

Tickets are $10 in advance - you can get one from members, or email to arrange one. Or call/text Ron - 204-960-4345.

We have more information here:

And a Facebook event, for those of you who use it, here:

Hope to see you all there!


DJSBX, Rylaan, Kid Conflict, and possibly others will be playing some UK Hardcore and ChipTunes for us at the King's Head afterparty


We can't reasonably get a liquor license for SkullSpace, but we'll be handing out drink tickets for the afterparty.

I told the king's head to expect 25 - 50 people, and they didn't have an issue with that. They aren't going to charge us, either, but it won't be a private event. We should have leaflets and such to distribute.


Combination potluck and coldcuts (social style)


The following talks are scheduled...

Who ARE these guys?

  • Ron Bowes
  • 2:30pm

SkullSpace president Ron Bowes will give an introduction to the audience of who we are, what we do, and why "hackers" aren't such bad guys after all.

Hack the Resume - Part I

  • Ian Trump
  • 3:00pm

Former RCMP and DND intelligence analyst Ian Trump smacks the resume around and gives you tips on making it into Pile "A". Through careful analysis of the job requirements and deconstruction of what the business is really looking for, Ian will help you "win" at resume writing.

Arcade Platforms

  • Mike Legary
  • 4pm

Gaming history and future: Ever wanted to know more about what type of hardware was behind that beloved arcade game of yester-year? How has the technology and the security of arcade games evolved (and regressed) over the past few decades? What does the future of arcade gaming look like? Mike will take us down memory lane, showing examples from some his favourites as well as some of the actual machines we have at SkullSpace. This will also be followed up by some hands-on playing in the lounge with some of the old and a couple of the new titles gracing the arcade today.

Intellectual Property

  • Ric Lim
  • 5pm

IP, Intellectual Property. Conception & Misconception. Where is it at today? Where it might be heading to in the future. What effect does IP have on innovations? A look at the non-traditional alternatives like open-source and Creative Commons.