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We have the name "SkullSpace Winnipeg Inc." reserved. We have mailed our articles of incorporation out but have yet to receive a response.


We require at least three directors, and these three have volunteered:

  • Ron
  • Andrew
  • Mak

Startup Cost

Forms were found on Province of Manitoba Companies Office

Name Reservation $40.00
Articles of Incorporation (non-profit) $100.00
Total: $140.00

Recurring Cost

$25.00 per year to file our Annual Return.

Tax Receipts

In order to be able to issue tax receipts, we need to apply for charity status with the CRA by filling out CRA Form T2050. This must be done after we are already incorporated. I'm not sure if we qualify, and the paperwork involved is intimidating. Being able to issue tax receipts would be awesome, so I think this is worth looking into.

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