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The Mark Jenkins (Mark) sub-menu on the Skullspace IPXE boot option is loaded from

As this domain name resolves to a private Skullspace LAN IP address, you will only be able to view it from Skullspace. Mark is planning to eventually switch to a publicly reachabe top level menu and select sub-menus for Skullspace network eyes only depending on the relevant content.

Only items Mark intends to eventually make publicly available are on this wiki:

Debian 9 (stretch) installers and rescue environments

A sub-menu from debian/debian9.txt . Provides Debian 9 network installers with some of these variations:

  • x86 (32 bit) and amd64/x86_64
  • the installer from the debian9 release and the latest current installer for Debian 9
  • the regular installer and the rescue mode built into the installer