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The Mark Jenkins (Mark) sub-menu on the Skullspace IPXE boot option is loaded from

As this domain name resolves to a private Skullspace LAN IP address, you will only be able to view it from Skullspace. Mark is planning to eventually switch to a publicly reachabe top level menu and select sub-menus for Skullspace network eyes only depending on the relevant content.

Only items Mark intends to eventually make publicly available are on this wiki:

Debian 9 (stretch) installers and rescue environments

A sub-menu from debian/debian9.txt . Provides Debian 9 network installers with some of these variations:

  • x86 (32 bit) and amd64/x86_64
  • the installer from the debian9 release and the latest current installer for Debian 9
  • the regular installer and the rescue mode built into the installer

Using the MUUG mirror which is hosted at is recommended for really fast install.

Ask Mark about getting variants where questions like the country, timezone, language, keyboard, and mirror are pre-seeded.