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== March 26, 2019 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald ==
== April 30, 2019 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald ==
* Introductions
* Introductions
* Ratified last-month's minutes
* Ratified last-month's minutes

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This page serves as the index for SkullSpace meeting minutes.

Minutes from previous years

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April 30, 2019 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Introductions
  • Ratified last-month's minutes
  • Financial report:
    • Lower membership from new members dropping out after a couple months
      • We sometimes have to trim newer members who lose interest after a few months, but sometimes Michael gets lazy and leaves it for a month or two. Then it piles up
    • Everything else is fairly normal. On the whole, a small loss for this month
  • Events:
    • Ai-Kon is coming up, July 26-28. We get two passes per day, so let me know if you'd like to watch the table for one or more days. There are events throughout the night if you want to enjoy yourself after the dealer's hall closes
    • First Friday of the month coming up:
      • Work-from-Skullspace Day during the workday
      • Potential plans for Lunch-from-Skullspace Day if you work nearby but can't telecommute
      • First Fridays that evening, starting at 6:00
  • 3D printer got some extra care. Ordered new print surface using a coupon
  • Cookies and Community is held after each monthly meeting. We snacked on cinnamon rolls during the meeting. You should have been here!
  • Ended 18:17

March 26, 2019 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Oops, the meeting minutes weren't uploaded. They should be on the lounge computer, so they should be uploaded sometime in May.

February 27, 2019 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • 14 members present; 3 represented by proxy. These 17 members constituted a quorum
  • We decided to wait until more members arrived before we closed candidacy for directors
  • Finances
    • Net worth is on the up-and-up (currently at about $2617.44 above expenses)
    • Last year 2770
    • There was a downward spike last year from a large Hydro bill. Michael has been reading the meter weekly since then.
    • Hydro fees are a bit of a guess, we would need to retrieve our login information to find out how much we're charged per kilowatt hour.
    • We're using about 300 kWh/week without the air conditioner
    • Uncollected dues is at its lowest since 2017
    • Some questions were asked
      • Might there be a seasonal trend of membership turn-around? At this point we don't know, but Michael will run some numbers some day
      • Are there any common reasons members suspend their membership? Nost who cancelled recently cancelled for the sake of their own time or finances
  • Looking back at 2018
    • Got Prusa 3D Printer
    • Got a new door and got the push-bar installed
    • Started participating in First Friday
    • Went to Ai-Kon
    • Got a new vertical Banner
    • Hosted Manitoba Pinball League
    • Gained enough members to cover expense
    • Thor threw several movie nights
  • Discussion of what SkullSpace is came up, a community of technically minded people that are available to help each other out on their projects.
  • 360 tour of the space suggested
  • Suggestion of an advertising campaign. Idea to run more events for post-secondary students.
  • The fob management system's power supply had 'technical' "issues" about a month ago. A newer system was constructed, and will be installed soon.
  • AR Sandbox table has become just a table, Keith will be contacted to figure out what to do with it.
  • Events
    • Ai-Kon's one-day Winterfest was interesting. We got some interest in our space. One of the 3D pens glitched out
    • First Friday is coming up this Friday, March 1st
      • More members at the space would be helpful
    • Petting Zoo upcoming; date needs to be finalized
  • Candidacy for board was re-visited
    • Only five members announced candidacy, so no vote was needed.
    • Directors for 2019:
      • Michael
      • Chris
      • Brad M
      • Thor
      • Ben M

January 29, 2019 - 18:17 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Finances are going up at a steady rate.
  • Proposal to have routine Dungeons and Dragons at the space, if interested contact Cameron.
  • Comedy workshop still happening every other Wednesday.
  • This friday is First Friday
  • Next month is the annual general meeting
    • Anyone interested in becoming a Skullspace board member please make a post to discuss.
  • Several members have noticed 555 days of up time is very noisy