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December 27, 2016 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

404 meeting not found (fix plz)

November 29, 2016 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Ron is returning!
    • He has an event running this friday (DC204)
    • There _are_ details on this event (6:30pm - 10pm) - OPEN CHAOS NIGHT
  • Retro Computing Event via Justin Lacko!!
    • Follow up with Justin on date particulars / check mailing list
  • Recruitment efforts!
    • Justin keeps threatening to make us a poster
  • Synthesizer event?
    • Let's follow up with Colin; Troy corresponded with Jordan for contact info's, forward along
  • Quadcopter event this thursday!
    • Let's start keeping track of # attendees for events!
    • Might move to mondays, whatever suits the community
  • Financial update
    • March is our trajectory for dying!!
  • KiCAD workshop was successful!
  • Community outreach
    • Can we get reddit integration on the go?
    • local hack event this weekend
    • get a sign-up sheet!!
    • can we go to the yellow dog and put up a poster tonight??
    • A couple different ads - benefits to career, hobbies, etc
  • Local Hack Event
    • 130 sign-ups so far
    • 12 hour event
    • Engineering Building at the UoM
    • Held all over the world - but, internationally there are simultaneous events
    • Lets put an announce method out for mentors!!
    • This saturday, starts at 9am, through to 9pm
    • Hack Central - February - Bigger event
    • Stef and Thor can anchor the 3d printing
    • People can bring some dev boards
    • Major League Hacking - UMDev Club
  • Bike dump holding a meeting here - unsure of the date or commitment, but perhaps!!!!!!?????
  • Next Friday is going to be a movie night!! ( Dec 9 )
    • Double feature - "Clock & Dagger", and "the last starfighter"
  • A workshop that takes you through a process
    • To make a schematic of something and then to actually fabricate it

October 25, 2016 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • BELL RUNG @ 6:02PM
    • our long-term viability is improving due to donations, good to go until marchish
    • social profits: 700 bucks, got 300 donation based on performance @ social
    • membership is going back to plateau instead of nosedive...
    • recruiting is starting to work, "cautious optimism"
    • retro computing hackathon? reach out to Justin Lacko
    • first week of december, tentatively
    • the last one was feb 28
    • guy from roland needs a heads up
    • solicit jordan justice for particulars - roland dude etc
    • colin e, adrian might be interested in heading the event?
    • james paskaruk interested as well
    • Colin E is interested in hosting
    • Early January seems like a good timeframe
    • CKUW attended as well
      • Brian will solicit the CKUW crowd
  • We should go get snacks sometime soon
    • Edwin, Michael, Stefan to do snacks
    • Giant tiger gift card so that ppl can get snacks eaiser??
  • Payment stuffs: BrainTree is the best-looking
    • PAD - $65/mo
    • Tiered fee, 10/15 ppl chunks
    • Edwin to investigate further
  • Grants - we are open to signing off on applications, if someone wants to head the charge
  • CNC update
    • it's working, need to go out and buy some wood to build a box
    • need policies
    • user logins, training video?
    • fire extinguisher is underneath the x-carve, safety training will happen
  • C4
    • Troy to follow up with contact to secure # tickets and payment date
    • Power - $150ish?
    • people gather sksp 6:00 thursday
    • opens to the public @ 2pm on friday
  • Brian to shoot a scene for a sci-fi movie @ the space
    • BoD able to sign off on any space usage agreements
    • Movies are cool - one condition for using the space is to provide a showing of the film
  • Do we see the return of bad movie night???? Thor interested in bringin it back
  • QuadCopter night was cool - semiregular basis potential

September 27, 2016 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Posters, advertising
    • Troy to contact Millennium Library re general poster distribution
    • Poke Justin to see if he's able to design a new poster
  • Transition from PAD
    • Ask Ben to look into transitioning out of PAD, what is involved
    • Edwin to investigate paypal and/or "MoneyTree" or whatever its called
  • Wordpress initiative
    • Brock is busy lately
    • Edwin will lead this in general
  • CNC Machine
    • Small mechanical adjustments and firmware flashing remain
  • Social
    • Alcohol
      • We are amenable to halfpints beer
      • We adverised drinks @ $3.50, must adhere to this
      • For beer (et al.) pickup, Troy, Edwin, and James all have vehicles
    • Game systems and TVs:
      • Edwin: Wii, NES,SNES
      • Troy: Wii U + smash bros, small CRT
      • Stef: 32" TV
      • James: TV
      • Brad: N64
    • Music
      • We are using our PA system. James is able to set it up.

August 30, 2016 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

TODO: populate this

July 26, 2016 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald


  • 6:00:
    • Intros
    • Camera parts roll call. Bring back items if you took one
    • Still not at a good space with the infrastructure if Colin gets hit by a bus
  • 6:05:
    • Shirts: We have a printed catalog, so we can print a logo on anything in there
    • Michael should be able to set you up
    • Much discussion was had over capes with our logo for Stefan
  • 6:10:
    • New printer is ready to go
    • X-Carve is waiting for monies, nearly there
    • Corportate sponsorship is ready to recieve
    • Magellan may be willing to donate funds towards infrastructure
  • 6:15:
    • Social planning. Curious if Shab will help organize things
    • Sysadmin workshops - We're planning on doing more of those
  • 6:20
    • Would ladies learning to code want to present here?
    • Paper towel too expensive. Need cheap crap for drying hands

June 28, 2016 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

9 members present last week

 -Talk to A. Michael for skullspace t-shirts or polos. Size / colour / etc.
 -Talk to Courtney to get giftcards. SkullSpace gets a little kickback from it.
 -Talk to Ben or Edwin or Troy to donate to the CNC fund. We're at a little over $1000

Thinkbox has decided to sponsor us $2400/year quarterly, explicitly for increasing value in the space. Tools, fixing, etc. Many of our existing tools are whatever members have donated. We should prepare for the CNC by getting things like the filters, safety glasses, and stuff like that. Troy made business cards. They'll be in the office cabinet. The 3D Printer workshop at the library went really well. It sold out, and all the reviews were excellent. Mark donated his presentation material so we can repeat the presentation here. We're planning for the social. Shab was going to help plan. We're planning more than a month in advance this time.

- We should probably focus on a social that's fun for us, without the huge and noisy dancefloor and with more board games. Still loads of booze, of course. If we want to do a loud-music real social, it's not an 'anti-social', and we should focus on the crowds who actually fill up that kind of venue.

The MGUG are going to have a show-and-tell on Thursday. Come talk about open maps and stuff like that. Ben did financial stuff. We lost a lot of members recently, as we usually do before the summer.

May 31st, 2016 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • t-shirts, hats, polos, etc with embroidered logo, $20-30 depending on quality and fundraising
    • contact Michael K if you are interested
  • gift cards
    • if you are interested, contact Courtney
  • financial update
  • CNC machine
    • We want to get an X-Carve
    • So far we have about $1000 and we want to get closer to $2000 before we pull the trigger
    • Photos of CNC machine made stuff in the next email
  • social medias
    • we should make a point of posting pics of events on the twitters and facebooks
  • concensus was to relocate the bikes to the back of the space where they are less in the way since they are not used very frequently

April 26th, 2016 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • financial update
  • x-carve - talk to Ben if you want to chip in for a CNC machine
  • shelf at back is being cleaned out
  • which area will get cleared out next? beige cabinet! (move and label your stuff / important stuff)
  • fob system is fixed!
  • can we get the front door to open on a button press for when the doorbell rings?
  • key access battery backup will need replacing at some point
  • key access system will need to be documented soon - Edwin will take this on, Mark will help with imaging the VM
  • Stuff in the space
    • available for members to use and borrow short term (note when it will return)
    • donations/long term loans should be agreed upon as useful - announce before bringing in large items and make sure at least a couple other members
    • when you borrow stuff, email the list, even small things - lets people know if stuff is available and ensures it comes back
    • anything that looks good here is probably either destined for someone's project or sksp infrastructure

March 29th, 2016 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

March 15th, 2016 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • 6:00
    • Gift cards - Want some? Courtney
  • 6:05
    • Workbench re-org - Searchable sharable parts list
  • 6:10
    • Shelf Cleanup
      • We're cleaning the grey desk this month
      • Still need to ask randoms about their server
      • Chemicals need to organized and MSDS sheets
        • Moving to get rid of this stuff
        • If needed, bring it in temporarily
      • Calendar
        • Do we remove recurring events?
        • Ask Nate to do it
  • 6:10
    • Batteries
      • Mother Earth Cycling will take our crap
    • Table of Doom
      • Everthing should go
      • Need to make a run to e-waste
  • 6:15
    • VM Server
      • The keyfob VM is dead, needs fixing
    • Papers We Love
      • Molecular computing
      • On the calendar
      • Wednesday @ 7:00pm
  • 6:20
    • Electronics Workshop
      • LCDs screens, advirtising
      • Come for fun
      • Discussions on advirtsing
  • 6:25
    • Funding
      • Edwin's company wants to donate money
      • Company wants to place a sign. Unknown other demands
      • Amount unknown, but I want to pay into cleaning stuff
    • CDC Events
      • Coding
      • Mr. Scott wants to teach? Jarred Bater
    • Events and Classes?
      • Rylan Gimby for Photoshop
      • Why don't we do these Tuesdays? - Edwin would rather people come sooner
      • Workshops, maybe should bring something to work on
  • 6:30
    • Synth Meetup
      • Roland (company) rep was blown away. Would like to do again.
      • 40 people showed up.
    • VOI needs to be discussed
  • 6:35
    • Edwin called the meeting

February 23rd 2016 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Bell was rung at 6:01pm.
  • Introductions
  • Motion to end the Nominations for candidacy; That was passed as a

resolution by the members.

  • Candidates for the board introductions were made.
  • Bylaw amendment #11 vote:
    • Too many meetings focused on administrative issues.
    • Meeting only once a month instead of every week.
    • Edwin mentions that the space might not get used as much, as people come to the weekly meetings.
    • Mark thinks that the amendment is a good idea because the bylaws are fairly tight. That being said, he wants to make sure that meetings still happen.
    • More points back and forth.
    • Freedom! ( Fists in the air ).
  • Ballots were cast.
  • Ben financial report.
  • Jay did a quick recap and thanks around for the board for this year.
  • Votes are being counted
  • New board is:
    • Ben
    • Troy
    • Courtney
    • Edwin
    • Chris