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== December 19, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald ==
== December 19, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald ==

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December 19, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • The official monthly meeting was rescheduled to tonight because holiday.
  • Finances
    • Stable slight increase due to lower costs (hydro bill)
    • Having food drives food donations
    • Membership numbers good at 57
  • New website
    • Set to go live Friday Dec 22 possible launch party.
    • Any members that can provide content would be good ie) project.
    • Does any member own the Skullspace Instagram... we should ask on announce/discuss
    • Website can post blog posts to social media but we need credentials for Skullspaces social media accounts.
  • The Gary effect will be hosting a gift give way for low income families. If interested visit garyeffect.ca
  • Carl's enclosure nearly complete just wire routing and dust management left.

November 28, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • 13 members present (no recap of last meeting minutes)
  • Lively discussion of how to generate revenue and events for Skullspace
    • Liquor licensing in the space
      • Have to get space up to code and investigate what blockers there are (fire inspection)
      • There should be past emails to investigate what is exactly needed
    • Running weekly/monthly events at a bar
    • Promote Skullspace as a coworking space
    • If we can separate the classroom from the rest of the space, we can make the classroom nicer and then potentially host events there (small scale dance parties?)
    • Running classes for things that our members are good at
      • programming/3d printer/CNC Router/Soldering, video games, art, designing things
    • colocation services and/or vm services
    • Hackathons at the space
    • Discussed having a paid position for volunteer/event coordinator to run things
  • Discussed how to make the space nicer
    • Purchase good furniture and replace crappy furniture
    • 'Recycling run' is needed to get rid of unused junk (MAME machine, etc.)
    • Justin wants to make curtains to separate the classroom from the rest of the space

October 31, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Projector kerfuffle w.r.t. pinball
  • Financials
    • Net worth a little lower, but we're still healthy.
    • We had a large snacks/drinks expense, but we've paid nearly all of it off and we'll be seeing good returns next month.
    • A. Michael made a pre-paying account for our summer insurance, so we'll never be hit by surprise by that.
    • Our membership is paying our rent and a little extra; donations, snacks, events, and such pay for everything else.
  • The 3D printer (which we bought in 2013!) is driving Edwin bonkers, and he'd like to buy a new printer. Is anyone willing to pitch in for a Prusa I3 Mk3?
  • We will contact the landlord about putting up signs telling people not to park under the fire escape?
  • Troy is taking pictures of the space for our website.

September 26, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • 9 members present
  • Recap of last meeting minutes
  • Financials:
    • A little lower this month than last, but still about a month in the bank
    • Big insurance payments are now done
    • Michael to add an account to average those insurance fees across a whole year for better budgeting / foresight
    • Drinks tend to sell better than food
    • Quite a bit more in membership dues compared to last year
  • Unit upstairs (cheaper by $600/month) is becoming available soon - Michael to reach out to Bob Brown. Will look into it and report back.
  • Anti-social: Michael won't be running it, but Wayne sounded like he might want to. Best not to rush it to ensure a better turnout. Michael will talk to Wayne to make plans.
    • Michael wants to eventually plan a smaller, quieter, more geeky night targeted towards members of SkullSpace and their friends.
  • Papers we love is at the space tomorrow. Some fancy text to speech stuff.
  • Communications strikeforce has met. More coming soon.
  • Meeting over 6:42pm

August 29, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Intros
  • 8 members including Michael, Stefan, Thor, Edwin, Keith...
  • financials
    • we have 1 month rent as backup
    • downward trend due to insurance will continue for another month.
    • events made August somewhat profitable
  • Lockpicking event happened - it went well
  • Ingress event happened - it went well
  • attendees at lockpicking event had trouble swiping in at front door, possibly due to to much use
  • member reports getting lock in the space because motion sensor is flakey
    • get a sign asap
    • look into installing pushbar
  • member suggests hold a "fixing the space" hackathon
  • b-sides nov4-5, looking for speakers
  • should get update photos for the computer for refugees soon
  • member suggests creating strikeforce to update wiki, webpage, member intake process etc.
  • motion to turn air cond. back on

July 25, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Members: 8
  • 3D Printing Workshop over here. IEEE might be sponsoring refreshments? 5 or 6 talks. Reverse engineering Tiko. Retrofitting the motors, etc.
  • Ai-Kon went good. We had a lot of interest and there were no hiccups. It was like a mini comic-con.
  • Financial news:
    • We're seeing a spike in members after all last month's memberships started coming through. We won't be relying quite as hard on event funds, but those will still be necessary for now.
    • We're still in that four-month period every summer where we're paying for insurance. We're continuing a downward trent, but we shouldn't fall below where we were in February.
  • Our air conditioner might have problems. It seems to be working now, but we'll keep an eye on it. Someone predicted a few years ago that it was on its last legs.

June 27, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Intros
  • 3D printing intro day - stay tuned for sometime this summer
  • X-Carl is now operational once again (thanks Edwin!)
  • Finances appear to be stabilizing
  • New Keyfobs are in - rejoice!
  • Mark Jenkins is presenting a talk at the space tomorrow - "Resisting the Surveillance State"
  • SkullSpace fund2013 minutes are at Meeting_notes\2013

raising campaign is active - check out http://skull.space/summer - Donation matching!

  • Michael K is still looking for volunteers for the AiKon table, hit him up if you are available!
  • Temporary water service is now in effect @ 374 Donald
  • Unix Epoch rollover to 1500000000 is happening on July 13 - stay tuned for an event announcement

May 30, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Intros
  • April minutes read
  • 72 Princess location for social- Chris made preliminary contact.
  • Free credit pinball today
  • Two pinball events still to come - contact Manitoba Pinball Asc. or just show in interested
  • Edwin asked developer for discount on KISS slicer. Developer gave gave us a free licence
  • Edwin and Thor experimenting with mater control for 3d printer
  • X-Carl may have a damaged arduino and/or X-axis stepper driver
  • Edwin ordered replacement and upgrade parts for Carl
  • Edwin looking for Windows Vista licence for some bizarre reason
  • 1st pinball event happened, it was fun
  • Papers we love happened it wen well, apparently it's on YouTube
  • Student films screening event being planned
  • cyber-defense challenge happened, it went well
  • Front street being torn up from June 8 - July 27, good luck parking.
  • sandbox table still incomplete and broken
  • abridged financial report because scripts were configured for USD not CAD. Micheal may email complete report after meeting

April 25, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Introductions
  • We read the minutes from last week.
  • Adrian had a suggestion for an Anti-Social space. 72 Princess, third floor, $450.
    • Freight elevator if needed.
  • Financial Report:
    • We had made some money from events, so we're holding steady.
    • We have a couple new members.
    • The insurance payments in the summer are what usually do us in.
    • Member dues essentially pay for rent. We rely on donations and event revenue to cover insurance and utilities.
  • Plans for the floor? Getting ends of linoleum would be nice and cheap. We should be able to just roll it out without gluing.
  • Chris's friend has some ideas on how to decorate the place.

April 11, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald - Special Meeting

  • Meeting held to vote on proposed amendments that were not voted on during 2017 AGM due to procedural error.
    • Due to not meeting a quorum, the bylaw amendments were not voted on.

March 28, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Meeting called
  • Approved previous minutes
  • Financial report: Looks okay. We had a good event with the synth meetup, so we probably aren't losing anything this month. Michael doesn't have the bank records at the moment.
  • Why is the door always locked now?
    • The architects lock it at 5:00?
  • A lot of members had applied lately, and we're contacting them one by one.
  • Hackaday is hiring contract writers! Writing about projects and such, so apply today.
    • (P.S. we should document all the neat stuff we do here.)
  • Was there money in our fund to purchase upholstery?
    • So Chris had the idea to get furniture to make our space better.
    • More flooring! Stuff like that.
    • We need lockers, too. Costco has a sale.
      • We can probably get old ones from Habitat for Humanity, too.
    • We took a vote. The people who didn't show up will never know.
  • Flickr is full of pictures from other events, but never anything in our space. We should take more photos in the space.
  • Edwin talked about pinball and such. Virtual pinball, etc.
  • We've got an orange (the construction type) SkullSpace toque for sale.
  • Marcel is looking for a video camera (camcorder?) for an upcoming trip. He was looking for something "a step up from an iPhone."
  • Upcoming events:
    • Ron's CTF event this Saturday
    • Manitoba Comic Con this Saturday and Sunday. We have a table.

February 28, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald - Annual General Meeting

  • Introduction
  • Announced bylaw meeting which will come up after the AGM.
    • Give us suggestions if you missed them
    • We will announce the meeting for voting three weeks in advance
  • Financial update for the year
    • This month's projection still shows downward slope, two months left
    • We're losing ~$300 per month until the major expense of insurance kills us
    • Balance seems high at $13,000 but liabilites are at ~$10,000
    • Yearly figures show earnings of $30,000 and $24,000 expenses
    • High donation amount, power's been a consistent expense
    • Expenses were surprisingly even with earnings
  • Year in review
    • Members who have come and gone
    • Events we ran this year
      • Months electronics workshops in the beginning
      • 3D Printing Events
      • Comic Con
      • Jimcon
      • Aikon's Winterfest
      • GIS Event
      • Weekly drone events
      • Computer Refurb
    • Space change
      • Great purge of 2017
      • Adrian rekagiggered the server rack
      • Sean improved our Wifi
      • We no longer have VOI as a provider internet
      • Winnitron is now updated with new games
    • Projects of the year
      • Pong game with Troy and Edwin
      • PDP-8 restoration by Adrian
      • Arcade Joystick
      • Bluetooth hacking with Troy and Edwin
      • Ben's ball-o-buttons
      • Synthesizer modules created by Jordan Justice
      • RAM dumping by programming
      • Netbright signs with Jay

January 31, 2017 - 18:00 @ 200-374 Donald

  • Meeting called 6:00pm
  • FPV update
    • FPV Wing build moved to Feb 23rd
    • discontinuing the regular FPV extravaganza until further notice, lack of interest
  • Members: Read the Bylaws and propose any changes
    • announce proposed changes to bylaws on Feb 7th (still waiting for members to submit proposed changes)
  • Synthesizer petting zoo is gaining momentum
  • Bylaw amendment ideas
    • requiring invitation to apply for membership seems outdated as per our recent practices
    • one guest per member in the space rule
    • need to update wiki as per meeting requirements
  • Finances!!!! - see report here
    • forecast: early April is when we die should we not grow our membership
    • next big upfront payment - july?? need to confirm
  • Membership strategies: we need to throw more events to gain more members! Our efforts reflect membership growth, need to keep up the good work
    • Government Grants - paying for events, supplies
    • IEEE wpg section?
  • Malware analysis was well attended
  • Teddy Ruxpin > Furby
  • POS terminals working - for snacks!?!?!?
  • KeyFOBs should be hear by Feb 3rd
  • Meeting adjourned @ 18:41