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This page is not intended to be a complete list of members. It is purely opt-in, and gives members a way to map themselves to their real names, wiki names, and IRC handles.

Real name IRC handle Wiki name Phone Number Twitter Facebook Email
Aemilianus Kehler Zewwy User:Zew Avail on Req Not a Twit Zewwwy@(G)
Ben Bergman benbergman User:Benbergman @uberben ben@<irchandle>.ca
Jay Smith Sporked User:Sporked NULL @Sporked jayvsmith@[google's popular free email service].com
Kenny DeWitt jackfusion User:jackfusion 204-998-3218 @jackfusion kendewitt at sign yourfellowtechguy dot com
Mak Kolybabi mak User:Mogigoma +1-204-226-7565 @mak_kolybabi, @mogigoma
Mark Campbell Nitrodist User:Nitrodist 204-801-2332 @nitrodist nitrodist at-sign gmail dot com
Nathan Wild nateloaf User:Nateloaf 204-333-0210 @nateloaf nathan.wild at-sign skullspace dot ca
Ron Bowes iago-x86 User:Ron 204-960-4345 @iagox86, @ron_bowes ron at
Siu Roswyne User:Roswyne 204-952-2732 mynick at gmail
Craig Shyjak _Jackal or The_Jackal User:Jackal craig at-sign
Colin CStanners User:C 204-797-1617 @ColinStanners CStanners@g to the
Dave ysarro User:Ysarro @ysarro dave at ysarro dot com
Jeremy Hiebert @jhiebert44 jkhiebert at gmail dot com
Jason West DrWest User:DrWest @DrWest dr.west at jeemail
Thor Robinson [thor] User:Thor first last at g m a i l
Adrian tdk_knight user:1ajs 204-998-5064 1ajs pointdouglas com
Tim eqdw user:eqdw @eqdw rz@[my username].net
Colin C. Phoul user:phoul NOPE @phoul NOPE colin<at>insecure-complexity<dot>ca
Jordan Justice epwhorl/adnauseam user:adnauseam ask me @RueTheWhorl adnauseam at hot mail dot com
Alex Weber alexwebr User:AlexWebr Ask me @alexwebr Ask me alexwebr gmail daht com
Chris Johnson krysjonaz User:krysjonaz Ask! @krysjonaz Ask! firstName+lastName at 1337h4xx0rclub dot ca