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A level under development for the Skullspace_Hardware_Programming_Challenge.

  • Platform: Raspberry Pi or similar -- as long as it can run libusb
  • IO: control over a light and a USB webcam
  • Level master: Mark Jenkins
  • Difficulty: medium

Webcams are creepy. Very, very, creepy.

The level consists of a black box that has only one interface to the outside world, an ethernet port. Inside, a little computer (perhaps a Raspberry Pi) that's running a web server with a buffer overflow vulnerability.

The secret message is on the inside wall. Facing that wall on the inside is a webcam connected to the vulnerable computer.

Your mission is to prove to your friends how creepy webcams really are by photographing the secret message. But, it's dark inside the box. In order to take a reasonable image you also have to use some general purpose IO to turn on the light bulb.