Physical space requirements

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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

There are three tiers to our space requirements. Tier 1 are things we absolutely must have. Tier 2 are things we really, really want but are not essential. Tier 3 are things we dream to have but likely won't find.

The idea is when we are scouting locations, we confirm the Tier 1s with the landlord before bringing the space back to the group.

For more info on locations, see the candidate locations page!

High Priorities

  • Size - 500 - 1000sqft
  • Budget - $800 for rent + utilities
  • Location - Exchange, Downtown, maybe Osbourne
  • Access - 24/7 for all members
  • Power, heat, plumbing
  • Occupency permit
  • Able to make some noise at all hours

Medium Priorities

  • Kitchen
  • Private bathroom
  • Street entry (that we can key ourselves)
  • Rooftop access (for Voi transmitter)
  • Windows/natural light

Low Priorities

  • Roll-up doors/lift
  • Rooftop access (for rockets)
  • Nearby nature
  • or far away nature...
  • Smoking lounge or courtyard

Ideas for use of space

  • lounge area to hang out and have fun
    • couches / board game suitable tables
  • computer-based work area
    • cubicles / desks
  • presentation area
    • user group meetings / talks
    • this could be the lounge area with couches moved out and fold-up chairs set up
  • workshop area
    • hardware hacking / laser cutter
  • games room
    • video games / arcade units / winnitron