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PlaidCTF 2013 will take place April 19 @ 4pm - April 21 @ 4pm.

More info:

Team name:

  • Night Danger

What you need to do to participate:

  • Email the ctf@ list and let us know (if you aren't subscribed, email mailman@)
  • Send Mak ( your pubkey for git access

Communication methods:

  • Email: ctf@
  • IRC: #nightdangeer on FreeNode
  • Source: Git (see Mak for access)


  • Alex
  • Brittany
  • Mak
  • Nathan
  • Ron
  • Rylaan - "help out, at least in part"
  • Shawn
  • Stefan Buller - "for a few hours"


  • Do most of the work at sksp, but have the capability to work remotely
  • Find a quiet corner away from the classroom, since 4/20 is hackathon day
  • Either work in shifts, or go home for the night - don't work 48 hours solid (omg no)