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Stop hand.png This page reflects a policy and should be edited for content only with board approval (formatting and grammar fixes are okay).

SkullSpace has allocated a $100 monthly budget toward projects. Depending on how well this works, this will hopefully increase in later years (and I sincerely hope it does). This page will be the policy on how we allocate the money to projects.

I've created a page called Proposed projects, where users can nominate projects they're working on for funding. This is a list of projects currently in the queue. Any member may edit this page and add their project to the queue - please add new projects to the bottom of the list. Anybody who proposes a project is encouraged to create a wiki page for it, and to link to it on their "Proposed projects" entry.

At the last meeting of each month, members who are present will have the opportunity to vote on which project they want to see funded. Members who proposed projects will be given the opportunity to talk about what they intend to do, if they (or a representative) are present. Members are encouraged to keep in mind:

  • Projects that benefit the space / group as a whole should have priority
  • Projects where the proposer has a track record of actually getting things done should be given priority

$100 will be given to a project every month. People who seek more are encouraged to check out the Awesome Foundation.