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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

This Renovation project is complete!! See this page for the 2012 Renovation plans.

As of June 1st, 2011 SkullSpace Winnipeg Inc. has leased the third floor of 125 Adelaide in partnership with AssentWorks

The Low Down

This space is being provided to us in a 'as is' condition and needless to say from the pictures it will need some blood sweat and tears on top of the TLC. (Pictures are care of Justin)

The Plan

The goal is to have the space in a usable condition for Hackathon 7 on June 18, 2011 and with a little luck this day will double as our official Grand Opening!!!

For this to happen there several important steps that need to be completed:

  • Floor plan
    • A floor plan needs to be drafted, currently Justin is doing this.
    • Assent works needs to be involved to determine equipment connections and locations.
    • Electrical layout to accommodate proper power to every location.
    • Any plumbing for a sink or board etching area.
  • Tools - We will need a variety of tools to accomplish the project, some of the tools could be purchased by SkullSpace as they will be used by the space after renovations are complete.
Tool Description Source
Miter Saw For Cutting 2x4's to length <MikeHat - Loan>
Hammers For hitting nails with Two for sure <MikeHat - Loan>

Andrew is donating one to SkullSpace.

Drills For driving screws MikeHat Will have his while he's there

SkullSpace may want to purchase a cordless drill or two for the space

Andrew is donating a corded drill to SkullSpace.

Concrete Nailer Uses a .22 caliber blank to drive a nail into concrete Not yet determined
Drywall tools Square, Knives, cutout saw Cutout saw <MikeHat - Loan>
Painting Tools Rollers, extension poles, trays, brushes etc. Everyone has one in the garage/closet
Crew People with hands on experience to build things See next section

The Crew

We are going to need a crew of people that have the free time as well as some hands on experience. Please sign up below so we can start seeing how many people we have around.

The Crew
Name Availability Skills Contact
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Michael Loney 6PM> 6PM> 6PM> 6PM> 6PM> 12PM> 6AM> See My User Page
Andrew Orr 6PM> 6PM> NIL 6PM> 6PM> 12PM> 12PM> nunchaku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills... $first@$first$
Ron Bowes 6PM> NIL NIL 6PM> NIL 12PM> 12PM> Availability is spotty, at best, till late June You all know it
Mak Kolybabi 6PM> 6PM> 6PM> 6PM> 6PM> 12PM> 12PM> Pushing mops, driving screws, and pounding nails. $first@$
Colin 6PM> day? 6PM> 6PM> day? day? 6PM> low-voltage wiring, basic tool experience $
Courtney Lofchick 6PM> 6PM> 6PM> 6PM> 6PM> 10AM> 10AM> carpentry, cleaning, ordering people around
Russ TM 6PM> 6PM> NOPE 6PM> 6PM> 12PM> 12PM> I learn quickly and like dirty hands. (Actually have bow skills)


The schedule is pending a details and the availability of the decided upon crew.


After the floor plan is finalized a meeting will have to take place to determine our budget for renovations. There is also the common walls with Assent Works to consider, they would likely chip in material or cost to help get the spaces secure and separate (ie, Plywood wall for separation and maybe sound proofing)

The Status

As of Hackathon 7, June 18th:

  • a lot of walls are up
  • internet is installed and Networking is being done.
  • we have a number of chairs, tables, and a projector and screen for the education room.