Roomba Breeding Project

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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

Siu needs help making the Roombas and Scooba at the space happy. Sad Roomba/Scoobas do not frolic, and refuse to breed!

The gray (1st generation) Roomba worked once at the space and gave up. My best guess is that it picked up something it shouldn't which is jamming it. (It picked up one two inch screw, which has been removed, but who knows what else is in it?)

The red (2nd generation) Roomba was bought as is. It's amazingly dirty, and just sort of snickers at me.

The blue Scooba just arrived and hasn't been tested.

If anyone wants to help get them working, you're welcome to join in. All I ask is that if you take it apart, you put it back together (whether it works or not), so that no pieces get lost.

You can post questions / status etc. here, so this can be a team project!  :)

Roomba Cleaning Roomba

If we could modify a roomba to clean other roombas - like a "den mother" - then we wouldn't have to worry about them getting jammed. This would take some extremely selective breeding, however.

Roomba Cleaning Roomba Cleaner (etc.)

Of course, the roomba cleaning roomba will need to, itself, be cleaned. We simply need another, higher-level roomba to clean that one. And yet another higher level roomba to clean that one, and so on. In the end, there should only be one Master Roomba somewhere, that has to be cleaned by humans. I figure we can pay some college kids minimum wage to clean that one.

Roomba Quadrcopter

Another suggested solution is to create an army of roomba quadcopters. When they get jammed, they can fly out a window to somebody's house to get cleaned. Of course, this would require GPS transponders for navigation, and extended battery cells. I figure we can breed in those traits within 2 dozen generations.

The Roomba Centipede

It may be possible to chain together a series of roombas, each of which processes the waste of the one before it. That way, you have the cleaning of 3 (or more) roombas, but only the back one has to deal with the waste.