SkullSpace Fundraiser Meme Dinner

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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

On Saturday, October 20th, at 7:00pm, AMichael invited members to SkullSpace for a full meal with entertainment for $20/seat. Members were allowed to extend the invitation to family or friends.

The theme was Meme. There was Trololo sing-along, and Nyan Cat.

The Saturday was Hackathon day, so some members came earlier to hack around at the Charity Buildathon to build some donate-able computers with all the spare parts we had kicking around. Om-nom-noms happened at about 7:00pm.



  • Water
  • Milk
  • V8 or Mott's Vegetable Cocktail
  • Tea or Coffee


  • Salad Fingers (Vegan; leafy lengths of loaded lettuce)
  • Very Erotic, Very Violent (Meaty; weiners and ham)
  • Sandvich Edible Device (Meaty; Ham, Swiss Cheese, Tomatoes, and Lettuce)
  • Cornified Tamal (Vegetarian; Corn husk around tamal, cheese)
  • Rick-Rolls with Awesome Sauce


  • Taters Gonna Tate (Vegan; taters, duh)
  • I'm Twelve and What is This (Vegan; peanut-butter-and-stuff Soup)

Main Course

  • I Whip my Angel Hair Back and Forth and Creepypasta Sauce (Vegan; pasta made with oil and garlic. You can add the tomato-based sauce)
  • FUS RO DAL (Vegan; Lentil-based dal, served on rice or Naan bread)
  • Imma Firin’ Mah Lasagne (vegetarian)


  • 2 Girls 1 Cupcake (Vegan)
  • Dramatic Chip Cookies (Vegan)
  • Five-Minute Ffffffuuuuudge (Vegan)
  • Chunky Norris Peanut Brittle? (Vegan)
  • I tought I taw a pudding-cake.