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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

Team Name: SkullSpace Winnipeg

Team Captain: Andrew Orr

Team Members:Mak Kolybabi

Hello, and welcome to The Hunt. If you didn't sign up for this email, please reply with 'unsubscribe' in the subject line, and we will place you on the do not email list immediately.

Location 1: ??????

Challenge 1: We <3 SquidFoo! For this challenge, you must make a sign that says "We <3 SquidFoo!" and take a picture of yourselves holding it at the target location.

Bonus 1: Air Guitar You'll get 50 points for each person in the picture who is rocking out on air guitar. Bring on the face melters!

Location 2: ??????

Challenge 2: Weird Camera Angle For this challenge, take a picture of your team from a weird camera angle. Get down on the ground, take the picture from the top of the jungle gym... or maybe hanging upside down off of it! The weirder the better.

Bonus 2: Cup Goggles Remember cutting holes out of cups to make goggles when you were a kid? 50 points for each person in the picture that sports this stylish eye-wear.

Location 3: ??????

Challenge 3: Robots For this challenge, get a picture of everyone doing the robot!

Bonus 3: Thriller Remember the dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"? You'll get 50 points for each person in the picture doing that dance.

Location 4: ??????

Challenge 4: Human Pyramid For this challenge, make a human pyramid! Don't go past 3 levels though.

Bonus 4: Cardboard Boxes 50 points for incorporating one or more cardboard boxes into your picture. Wear them as clothing, or sneak around a la Metal Gear Solid, it's up to you!

Location 5: ??????

Challenge 5: Zombies! For this challenge, have everyone in the image act like they're zombies... BRAINS!

Bonus 5: Sock Puppets 50 points for each person in the picture with a sock on their hand.

Location 6: ??????

Challenge 6: JUMP! For this challenge, everyone in the picture must be airborne. It is not necessary that everyone in your group be in the picture; however, two or more people must be in the picture and in mid-air.

Bonus 6: Finger Moustaches 50 points for each finger moustache in the picture.

Location 7: ??????

Challenge 7: Double Oh Seven For this challenge, take a photo as if the members of your team are secret agents.

Bonus 7: White Hats 50 bonus points for each person who is wearing a white hat. Fedora, 10 gallon, or whatever else, if it's a white hat, we want it in the picture!

Location 8: ??????

Challenge 8: The Limbo How low can you go? For this challenge, find a stick or use your arms, and get a picture of one member of your team limboing under it!

Bonus 8: Sunday Best You'll get 50 points for each person in your picture who is wearing some seriously stylish threads.

Location 9: ??????

Challenge 9: Human Squid This challenge is called the "Human Squid". Interpret that as you will. Maybe you'll spell out S-Q-U-I-D in human letters, maybe you'll have one person form the body and the rest the tentacles... it's up to you, but whatever you do, we need a picture of it!

Bonus 9: Wigs Blonde, brown, or hot pink... it doesn't matter. Every person wearing a wig in your picture will net you another 50 points!

Location 10: ??????

Challenge 10: Superhero Pose For this challenge, have everyone in the picture do their best superhero pose! (Capes optional)

Bonus 10: Red Shirts 50 bonus points for everyone in the photo who is wearing a red shirt.

That's it! Once you're done, email us your photos. Good luck.

-The Squid