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  • To plan the SkullSpace Anti-Social in September of 2016.
  • Leader: A. Michael
  • Members: A. Michael, Thor, Shab, Edwin
  • Status: Tickets and posters printed; license still in process


The Anti-Social is a geek-themed social, but also a not-social. Music, but not too loud; dancing, but not all the time; alcohol, of course; people dressing in costumes, but only if it's not going to end up weird; raffles full of geeky gifts; food, both generic party snacks and home-cooked treats; video games projected on the walls.


  • Purchases
    • pizza/snacks/food
    • Supplies
      • Pens
      • Markers
      • Paper
      • Tape and more tape
      • Raffle Ticket rolls
    • Bartender, Music, other hires
      • Unlikely to get bartender. Volunteers for dispensing drinks
      • Volunteers should read a list of rules to know how to serve responsibly
  • Venue
    • September 30th
    • Ralph Brown CC, 460 Andrews
  • Licensing
    • Liquor (with Gambling for 50/50 and raffles)
  • Pre-Work
    • Secure some volunteers for set-up
    • Get people for serving
    • Cars for moving things before and after
    • Projection systems. From SkullSpace? Who has games?
    • Video game systems
  • Advertising
    • Poster
    • Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, Discuss, Meeting, Secret Handshake, Reddit/r/Winnipeg, ur mom (and also your friends)
  • Deadlines: Yes, very!


  • Order alcohol
  • Get last bit of licensing sorted out
  • Think about food. Get a 10-pack of pizzas ordered.
  • Plan out all the events and volunteers right away.
  • Design some decorations, if we can. Worst case, just streamers and some papers.
  • Send out an update to our social media channels the day before, and a few hours before.
  • The day before is the best day for doing prep baking.
  • The day of, we'll arrive early with refreshments, board games, and decorations to get everything set up.


Can we design everything with pixels and modified 4-bit colour? (For example) Emphasis on cards and boards as design elements (maybe real-life Material Design). Maybe dice. Play up the hacker aesthetic, if we can. Green numbers and stuff. Some hardware hacks with blinkenlights, if possible.