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  • To plan the SkullSpace Anti-Social in September of 2016.
  • Leader: A. Michael
  • Members: A. Michael
  • Status: Initial Planning


The Anti-Social is a geek-themed social. So what's really geek-themed? Also, what's a social? Music, dancing, alcohol, silent auctions? Video game music, video games projected on the walls (ideally multiplayer things like Smash). Basically what we've been doing.


  • Cost
    • What costs us money? Venue, booze, licenses, promotional material, pizza, snacks. What else?
  • Venue
    • September 30th
    • Ralph Brown CC
  • Licensing
    • Liquor (with Gambling for 50/50 or silent auction)
    • Do we need something special to serve snacks?
    • Anything else?
  • Pre-Work
    • Prizes for silent auction
    • Make sure audio setup is all good. Playlists, too
    • Secure some volunteers for set-up
    • Cars for moving things before and after
    • Projection systems. From SkullSpace? Who has games?
  • Advertising
    • Poster
    • Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, Discuss, Meeting, Secret Handshake, Reddit/r/Winnipeg
  • Tickets
  • Deadlines: Promotion through Secret Handshake on 18th or 25th?


  • Get the info together by 2016-08-13, Saturday
  • Make announcement on Sunday or Monday for full planning on the 16th for the Tuesday meeting
  • On Tuesday, make sure all the details are in order so we're ready to book a venue or definitively cancel
  • By the 22nd, have the venue booked, funds together for licenses and such, promotional items (especially tickets) printed and in hand.
  • On the 23rd, update the membership. Start handing out tickets.
  • If we fell out of schedule, the 30th gives us another chance to start selling the tickets (if we chose the 16th or the 23rd)
  • Send out an update to our social media channels: when we book it, the week before, the day before, and a few hours before.

Before we plan much else, we'll need to find out when we're having it. It's possible to have it on the 2nd of September, but only if we get everything done quickly. Our best bet might be the 9th.


Can we design everything with pixels and 4-bit colour? Emphasis on cards and boards as design elements. Maybe dice. Play up the hacker aesthetic, if we can. Green numbers and stuff. Some hardware hacks with blinkenlights, if possible.

Other Ideas

Something we could do is host a true geek social, with quieter music, lots of snacks, and a bunch of different types of board/video games. Ideally at a venue that allows us to sell alcohol.