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  • To assign chores to members, in order to keep the space clean and functional
  • Leader: ...Operations Manager?
  • Members: Justin, Siu, AMichael, Dave...
  • Main areas:
    • As Needed: all members are requested to do minor tasks as needed, i.e. install new rolls of toilet paper/paper towels, replace dirty hand towels, etc.
    • Kitchen: Siu will tidy and forcibly remind members to wash their own <bleeping> dishes.
    • Fridge: AMichael will eat throw out all food left in the fridge for more than a week or so, if there's no expiry date, or will remove items that are past their expiry date.
    • Laundry: Lynn to wash dirty towels every couple weeks.
    • Lounge: Justin to vacuum as needed?
    • X: Fill your role in here.
  • Others:
    • Bathrooms: A quote will be gotten for cleaning staff. These are the only parts of the space we won't be able to have volunteer help for.

Siu has created a worksheet (File:Cleaning Report.doc) for chores.