Strikeforce:Pre-Move Inventory

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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.
  • To inventory all large items (or categories of items) prior to the move, to determine if they're worth the effort to move.
  • Leader: Siu


Category Item Current Location Decision
Multimedia projector (x2) lounge & classroom Keep
Multimedia audio/video components & accessories (amp, consoles, speakers, games, movies, cables, etc.) lounge & classroom Keep
Couches yellow flowered, with chair lounge Keep
Lamps banker's lamps (x2) lounge & classroom Keep
Lamps gooseneck lamps (x2) lounge & kitchen Keep
Lamps standing lamp lounge Keep
Lamps short flourescent light workshop Keep
Couches grey flowered lounge Keep
Couches brown velvet lounge Keep
Couches green foldout lounge Give away/trash - hinges have been bent
Couches wide striped (dark plaid) lounge Keep
Couches tan plaid foldout lounge Give away/trash (move wheels to a couch we're keeping)
Chairs pink comfy chairs (x2) lounge Keep - did I mention they're really comfy?
Chairs red foldout, with ottoman lounge Give away/trash - Siu will take if no one else wants them
Chairs tan ottoman lounge Keep
Chairs desk chair lounge Keep
Chairs tall workbench chairs (x2) workshop Keep
Chairs stacking yellow chairs (x50?) classroom Keep all - they don't take much room stacked
Chairs stacking blue chairs (x6?) workshop Keep
Tables pink table lounge Keep
Tables pink pillar (x2) classroom Keep both for projector stands or whatever
Tables square table lounge Keep
Tables coffee table lounge Give away/trash
Tables grey end table lounge Give away/trash - Siu will take if no one else wants it
Tables grey desk lounge Give away/trash - possibly keep for anyone who wants to rent a desk?
Tables blue worktables (x4?) workshop Keep
Tables folding tables (x4) classroom & kitchen Keep
Tables non folding tables (x4) kitchen & computer room Give away/trash
Storage metal shelves workshop & lounge Keep
Storage bookshelves (x5?) & games cabinet lounge Keep
Storage black cupboard with doors workshop Give away/trash - Siu will take if no one else wants it
Storage tan and black "supplies" cabinets workshop & classroom s Keep
Storage small lockable cabinet dirty workshop Give away/trash
Benches blue workbenches (x5?) workshops Keep the two best, plus all antistatic mats; give away the rest
Benches white (x2) and yellow (x1) stationary benches dirty workshop Give away/trash
Benches mobile benches (x4?) dirty workshop Keep a couple?
Benches mobile desks(x2?) dirty workshop Keep
Benches homemade benches workshop Tear down and give away or burn the lumber
Kitchen large appliances - fridge, freezer, drink machine kitchen and hallway Keep
Kitchen small appliances - microwave, toaster oven, skillet, etc. kitchen Keep
Kitchen dishes, cutlery, food, etc. kitchen Keep
Kitchen cleaning supplies, including mop, vacuums, etc. kitchen & hallway Keep; older vacuum available for giveaway
Tools hand tools & power drill dirty workshop Keep
Tools large tools dirty workshop Keep drill press only; return all others to owners
Entertainment arcade machines, foosball table, toys, etc. arcade room & lounge Keep Skullotron, foosball table, and all small toys; return other machines to owners - Ron will take the foosball table if no one else wants it