Urban Gardening Hydroponics

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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

Members have expressed interest in participating in various types of gardening at Skullspace.

  • growing seedlings for a community garden
  • building a windowfarm style hydroponic structure
  • building an omegagarden style (tumbling cylinder) hydroponic garden

Currently, we've set up a seedling tray in the kitchen, and transferred them into a single windowfarm tower on February 20, 2012! There is enough room there for a second tower too, but we still need to set up the air pump to circulate the water. Big thanks to Stef with a ponytail and Th0r for their help this week.

We're also hoping to set up a bin for root vegetables.

After we've got the hang of the simple stuff, we can move on to the fun Arduino stuff.  :)

Due to recent setbacks (lack of timed light, clogging of drains from one bottle to another), many of our plants have "passed". We have pruned the dead from the living, and planted new seeds in windowboxes (with clay pellets), and actual pots (with soil!). A few orphaned strawberry plants were rescued from the end of season bin at the hardware store too.

With any luck, hopefully we'll have something growing well again soon.  :)

Actually, I suppose we do. The tomatoes for the community garden are thriving, and are probably inseparable at this point. We'll transplant them soon, finally admitting that they aren't going to leave the space.