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A Wyse Winterm 3630LE is available in the space for members to use for remote access to other computers. Using this dedicated thin client is nicer than using a remote access program on a workstation as you can skip the process of having to launch and configure such a program and avoid the pitfall of the host system stealing your keystrokes. Plus, if all you're doing is remote access, using the winterm frees up a workstation for another member to use (in busy times like a hackathon) or saves the greater power use associated with turning a workstation on.

The current home location for the Winterm is on the high counter near the double doors of the workshop.

Feel free to move it if you'd like to work elsewhere and return it to that spot after. Note the documented hardware quirk associated with startup and shutdown.


Configured logins

The Winterm is already configured to make the following services a click away:

Feel free to add other systems to the list.

Hardware quirks

The Winterm manages to do something screwy to the USB keyboard and mouse on shutdown and on startup such that they don't work. This has been tried with multiple mice and keyboards. The solution seems to be to keep the keyboard and mouse unplugged during startup and to plug them in again once startup is complete.

For now, it's best to just leave the Winterm on to avoid having to deal with this. The screen saver kicks in after 30 minutes, so power ussage is minimal. It would be nice to try a hack with a USB hub and power bar to make this easier to manage.

Also, after being inactive for awhile the first connection you try to make will fail -- perhaps a new DHCP request is made or something -- we should try assigning a static ip address.

Would like a nice, low, home

A high workbench is the current home for the Winterm. Once the dust settles it would be nice to have a nice low desk for it, as high chairs are scarce and harder to work on.