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IRC - #skullspace on FreeNode

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a real-time text communications protocol. IRC uses a client/server model. IRC clients are applications that a user can install on their system (or run via a web site). Client applications to other clients via the server. IRC is designed for group discussion / forums and is organized into groups called called channels. It also allows for direct / personal messaging between connected users.

The SkullSpace IRC channel is #skullspace on the Liberachat ( network. There are almost always SkullSpace members online.

  • To use IRC you will need an IRC Client. Client software is available for all major operating systems and mobile platforms or you can use Liberachat's online webchat client.
  • Connect to the #skullspace channel on Liberachat
    • Follow the instructions for your client to connect to the Liberachat network and join the #skullspace channel
    • For more detailed instructions on using IRC for the first time, see

For more information on IRC, see the entry on Wikipedia.