2012 Renovation plan

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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

This is the updated renovation plans page for renovations that are currently underway.

  • Updates
  • May 28, 2012: As of this date we have most of our new walls erected. The walls and doors forming the new workshop and project area are mostly completed, with the exception of putting sheathing on them after our new electrical is installed. Carpet tile has been installed in the lounge and the new storage room is approximately 50% complete.
  • April 14, 2012: We had an awesome turnout with about 10 people at the max and 5-6 there all day. We got the workshop wall down and put up the storage room and lounge walls. Also the War room wall is now 100% insulated and sheeted so those rooms can be constructed soon. The lounge is still usable and the workshop transition can start anytime!

Please see this File:2012reno.pdf for details on what we want to change / move. The jist of things can be read below.

Recently, after a meeting a group of us got together to discuss future renovations in the space. I am happy to say that we all came to an agreeable conclusion!

Therefore, we table our idea to the membership at large, and ask that we vote on this on the March 27 meeting:

- Please refer to the enclosed revised plan of the floor.

- Doors have been oriented to allow for suitable egress. This is based on Canada Building Code standards.

- Dimensions and room labels are included to give a fairly accurate idea of how big the spaces would be.

- Assembly/Workshop Room: To be used for woodworking, metalworking, assembly and storage of larger projects/works in progress.

- Light Assembly/Electronics Room: What our current workshop is. Parts bins, soldering equipment, desks, test equipment, etc.

- Storage Room: For things like unused tables/chairs, VR machines.

- Multi-Purpose Rooms: For LAN parties, gaming, a quiet space for a project, meeting rooms, etc. etc. Which room is what will be determined at a further date.

- Spray Room: A ventilated, sealed space for spraypainting and working with smelly stuffs.

- Doors from the hallway into the Light Assembly/Electronics room, from the hallway into the Lounge and from the hallway into the classroom will provide the main ways of entering SkullSpace. They will be electronic doors that you open with your fobs.

- Some doors have been reversed so they open the proper way in order to satisfy means of egress from the space. Again, this is in keeping with code requirements.

This project is actually less work than it seems. We are moving the wall between the lounge and work shop area over 16 feet to equalize our activity spaces. Given that the workshop is getting a boost to area we will build another wall to separate the messier work from the electronics. This will also move the noisier tool work away from the lounge area. The War Room will be split and sound insulated for the same reasons. All in all it is not a large amount of work and we will get a much better space out of the deal. Total estimated renovation time is 2 months if we can get some helping hands out on the renovation days.

Also, it should be noted that the budget allows for this work.

We are hoping everyone can get on board with this, which will solidify our reno plans and allow us to create a solid timeline. For this project, we will be scheduling reno days and forming a task force. Even if you're unfamiliar with wall construction, you can still help! There will be a bit of takedown, painting, tidying, and even cooking! We will feed you. Please say yes, and join us in making our hackerspace great!

~The Reno Task Force