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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

Jeremy, Justin, and myself (Jay) spent some time this morning looking at space on the third floor of 250 McDermot Avenue.  It's $875/month (1 year lease) for 750sqft with utilities included.  Rather then attempt to describe the space in detail, I'd like to direct everyone to the photos that Jeremy and Justin took:


My primary concern with this location is that of access.  The building itself is locked to the public at 6:00pm.  Tenants are given keys to access the building after hours.  Unfortunaly, to give our members 24 hour access (or even basic evening access), we will have to be responsible for a lot of keys to the building.   To review the space requirements document (http://www.skullspace.ca/wiki/index.php/Physical_space_requirements):  

Tier 1

24 hour access for many people

Building is locked at 6:00pm and the key based system does not scale well.  A lot of common area has to be traversed through before entering the space.  

Accessible location

Space is downtwn and near decent bus routes.   Paid parking available.  

Sizable space

750sqft of wide open space.  We can install temporary and movable partitions.  

Tier 2

Kitchen area

No sink or running water and does not appear to have outlets for an oven.  However, there should be pleanty of room for small appliances.  

Private bathroom

Bathroom is shared with other tenants, but appears to be clean and in good working order.  

Tier 3

Street-level roll-up doors

Not that I noticed, but we do have a huge service elevator right outside the space, large halls leading to the space, and double doors on the space itself.  

Private outdoor area for smokers (courtyard or rooftop or something)

Sidewalk appears to be in good condition for standing and smoking.  

Rooftop access for antenna/radio projects



If anybody has any questions or comments, please post them to the mailing list for all to see and reply to.  Hopefully we will have more spaces to profile and discuss shortly.