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This page is about SkullSpace's eventual 3d printer (and hopefully, soon, about our current 3d printer)!

On January 23, 2013, Ron emailed announce@ to solicit donations for the printer. So far, we've had pledges of (the numbers are for my (Ron's) reference):

  • $200 (1)
  • $100 (2)
  • $100 (3)
  • $100 (4)
  • $100 (5)
  • $300 (6)
  • $100 (7)
  • $50 (8)
  • $100 (9)
  • $50 (10)
  • $50 (11)
  • $60 (12)
  • $50 (13)

For a total of $1360 of our $1600 goal!


Hey everybody,

Ben Bergman knows somebody who's selling a 3d printer. He has pictures and stuff that he can post later, but for now, the important info is:

- It's worth about $1500 new, it's being sold for $1000 - There are 7 spools of plastic refills for $50 each (retail price is $65)

So basically, if we can raise $1350, we can buy SkullSpace a 3d printer! This is an all-or-nothing thing, so please email me off-list and tell me what you're willing to contribute (I'll personally put in $100). A few others at the Awesome Foundation meeting last night offered to put in, as well, so please let me know who you were.

If we manage to get enough donations to make the $1350, we'll go forward with this. Then plan would be to leave it set up at the space, and maybe take it with us to special events if it's mobile enough (I don't know much about this stuff, obviously). It would be free for anybody to use, but we'd ask for donations for material (like the drink machine fund).

Here's Ben's proposal, from the Awesome Foundation site (reprinted with implied oral permission, not express written permission): -- I would like to purchase a 3D printer to use in my open hardware projects. Open hardware is where all the design files for recreating some physical object are fully published and available to anyone that wants to recreate it with whatever changes they want. To facsilitate the spreading of the open hardware movement and the utility of 3D printing, I would like to bring this 3D printer with me to public events where people can try it for themselves and see what is possible with this up-and-coming technology. The ability to quickly create a prototype object greatly improves the ability to bring an interesting project to fruition.

When not is use at events, the 3D printer would be located at SkullSpace, Winnipeg's hackerspace, to grant easy access for others interested in 3D printing and open hardware. SkullSpace has open events multiple times per week which would make a good time for non-members interested in these things to drop by and try things out.

There are other organizations that have 3D printers available, but their memberships can be prohibitively expensive for hobbyists or people trying to start small side businesses. Easier access to one of these tools will aide in the creation of more great devices and local businesses. --

Printer details: Mendel Max 2.0

$1490 + plastic filament (possibly from the used printer bundle)

$60 less if we do border pickup

Suggested funding goal: $1600-$1700 to cover some plastic filament or duty/tax, if there is any

The Mendel Max 2.0 is my primary recommendation, if we can get one. Here's why. http://www.mendelmax.com/


  • Print Area Dimensions: 245 mm x 315 mm x 225 mm (9.6"x12.4"x8.9")
  • Usable Maximum Print Speed: 250mm/sec or more depending on the part, print material, and extruder
  • Frame: All aluminum



  • Currently in beta (any parts changed after beta are included in beta price, just need to pay shipping)
  • Won't ship until February 25


  • $1490.00 as a kit


It prints 100mm/sec faster and has a larger print envelope than both the Ultimaker and the Mendel Max 1.5. It is also closely related to the open source Reprap project and community.


Original option: Used (local and working) Thing-O-Matic

$1000 for printer + ~$350 for plastic filament

From the current owner's email:

  • Makerbot Think-O-Matic #5118
    • Purchased on July 20 2012 for $1299 US
    • MK6+ extruder for 3mm filament
    • Machine works very very well
    • I now have a replicator with 1.75 filament (reason for selling this one)
  • Makerbot Gen 4 interface Kit v1.1
    • Purchased on July 20 2012 for $85 US
  • Runs the new SailFish firmware with Acceleration
    • Works very fast but may still need some “tuning”
  • Modifications:
    • Spring and bearing extruder
      • Improves the feeding of the filament
    • Removable Heated Build Platform
    • Linear bearings on X & Y axis’s
      • Replaced brass bushings
      • Very smooth
    • LED light around extruder
    • Rebuilt cabling for heated build platform
    • X axis tensioner replaced with bearings
    • I have printed a replacement bearing tensioner for the Y axis
      • No time to install it yet
  • I will provide support to help you get it running
  • I can drop by your place and help you spin it up
  • One partial spool of 3mm black ABS filament included
    • Value of $56
    • 80% of a roll still remaining
  • All the above for $1000
    • Price new would be $1500 + extras I printed + taxes+shipping (yes I paid the GST and PST taxes at the border)

I also have the following 3mm ABS filament for sale: (retail price is about $6 more each+tax+shipping)

  • Black - $50
  • Blue - $50
  • Natural - $45
  • Nuclear Green - $60
  • Forest Green - $50
  • Yellow - $50
  • White (3/4 roll) - $25
  • Red (1/2 roll) - $25