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The current Director in charge of members is: Courtney.

New members

This is the process for new members:

  • The applicant fills out a membership agreement and, if they desire, a PAD (Pre-authorized debit) form, and gives it to the appropriate Director (see above) at a weekly meeting.
  • The applicant is announced during the meeting and individual members have the opportunity (after the meeting) to talk to the applicant and get to know them/ask them questions/etc.
  • The Director announces the applicant's name on the announce@ mailing list.

...two weeks elapse, during which members may object...

  • The Director drops off the PAD at the bank.
  • The Director emails the mailman@ list with the member's name and email address
  • The Director arranges to get a key for the applicant

The mailing list administrator(s):

  • Subscribe the applicant to announce@ immediately
  • Create a <firstname>.<lastname> email address for applicant after the two weeks elapse

We do not store your banking information at all. We give it to the bank, and they store it.

Parting members

When a member leaves...

  • The member informs the appropriate Director (see above) with their intention of leaving
  • The director immediately:
    • Arranges to have the member's keyfob returned and disabled
    • Emails the member's name/email address to mailman@
    • Refunds any outstanding dues the member has paid

The mailing list administrator(s):

  • Remove the email address