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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.
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With Bylaw amendment 2 passed, the Bylaws clearly state that Directors are able to delegate responsibilities to members. The intention of this page is to keep a list of the responsibilities, which Director is charged with them, how it's managed (mailing list, meetings, etc), and any other important notes.

Meeting chair

  • Responsible member: Ron

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.)

  • Responsible member: Ron

People can be delegated to manage certain social media aspects. These people have access to the account and emails from the service will be sent to them. If you're interested in helping out, let us know!

  • Twitter: Ron, Mak, Justin
  • Flickr: Ron, Mak, Siu, Adrian
  • Facebook: (Directors)
  • Vimeo: Ron, Mak

Election official

  • Responsible member: Mak

Online account management

  • Responsible member: Ian

This member keeps the master list of accounts, passwords, etc, and ensures that the proper users have access to the proper accounts.


  • Responsible members: Courtney and Ian

Financial reports

  • Responsible members: Courtney and Ian

Membership database

  • Responsible members: Courtney and Ian

Property / lease management

  • Responsible members: Courtney and Ian

Network administrator

  • Mailing list:
  • Responsible member: Colin

Mailing lists

  • Mailing list:
  • Responsible members: Ron and Mak

Building security (locks, access cards, etc.)

  • Responsible member: Colin Stanners

In charge of choosing/placing speakers, recording equipment, amps, mixers, etc.


  • Responsible members: Alex and Courtney

Conflict resolution

  • Responsible member: Mak Kolybabi

Acts as a mediator and helps resolve conflicts (and other issues) between members.