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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

(This page is probably defunct. Someone will have to contact the remaining climbers in the city, now that Ron's gone.)

  • What: Rockclimbing at Vertical Adventures
  • Who: Ron, Cian, Jay, and a bunch of others - everybody's welcome!
  • When: Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons
  • Cost: Vertical Adventures $14 + $6 for equipment sometimes

If you wanted to join us, you'd have had to email ron at to let him know—Unfortunately, he's moved away. And if you're sick of hearing from us, let him know and he'll remove you from the invite list.

All skill levels were welcome! If you've never done it before, we would have helped you get ramped up and learn how to use the gear. We couldn't technically 'teach' you, according to the rules, but if you watched what we did you'd have figured it out in no time.

Several members have cars, so if you needed a ride it'd have been no issue.


Starter rock climbing kit

$42 harness

$9 carabiner

$92 shoes

$11 chalk bag

$16 belay device

= 170 + tax = 190