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  • To plan the SkullSpace Anti-Social in September of 2016.
  • Leader: A. Michael
  • Members: A. Michael, you? (Yes, you can add your name here! This is a wiki, and can be edited freely!)
  • Status: Groundwork


The Anti-Social is a geek-themed social, but also a not-social. Music, but not too loud; dancing, but not all the time; alcohol, of course; people dressing in costumes; raffles full of geeky gifts; food, both generic party snacks and home-cooked treats; video games projected on the walls.


  • Cost
    • What costs us money? licenses, promotional material, pizza/snacks/food
  • Venue
    • September 30th
    • Ralph Brown CC
  • Licensing
    • Liquor (with Gambling for 50/50 and raffles)
    • Do we need something special to prepare food?
  • Pre-Work
    • Prizes for silent auction
    • Make sure audio setup is all good. Playlists, too
    • Secure some volunteers for set-up
    • Cars for moving things before and after
    • Projection systems. From SkullSpace? Who has games?
  • Advertising
    • Poster
    • Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, Discuss, Meeting, Secret Handshake, Reddit/r/Winnipeg, ur mom (and also your friends)
  • Tickets
  • Deadlines: Yes, very!


  • By the 30th, have promotional items (especially tickets) printed and in hand.
  • Send out an update to our social media channels: when we have tickets, the week before, the day before, and a few hours before.


The design of the venue will start after everything else has been done, probably in the second full week of September. Can we design everything with pixels and modified 4-bit colour? (For example) Emphasis on cards and boards as design elements (maybe real-life Material Design). Maybe dice. Play up the hacker aesthetic, if we can. Green numbers and stuff. Some hardware hacks with blinkenlights, if possible.