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2016 Transition

Remaining tasks

  • submit "change of directors form" to companies office
    • requires address + occupation from all directors
    • TODO what else do we need for this?
  • provide keys (cashbox/front door) to new directors
  • transition admin access to the following
    • twitter
    • facebook
    • google apps (
    • admin@ email list
    • this wiki
  • instruct new directors on the following operational stuffs
    • assigning keyfobs to new users, general door system management

Completed Tasks

  • create accounts
  • transition signing authority from old directors to new
    • requires 2 pieces of ID per director, a copy of the AGM minutes listing new directors (signed by at least 2 members of the board)
    • This was done at Assiniboine Credit Union (broadway/downtown location)
  • instruct new directors on the following operational stuffs
    • who to talk to regarding IT stuffs
      • generally the it@ mailing list
    • how to file membership application forms
      • These go in a plastic box in/on the member storage cabinet after they have been announced and their emails have been copied into the books
    • where membership dues go (cash/cheque)
      • (in a named envelope -> in the slotted cash box)