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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

The October 20, 2012 hackathon will feature a charity computer build-athon in the classroom.

Members are encouraged to bring parts to be assembled into fully working machines to be given away or for donations. (just desktop/towers,recipients can get their own keyboard, mouse, and monitor)

Parts anticipated

To help us organize, tell us what you can bring:

  • Mark Jenkins
    • Lubuntu 12.04 hard drive image with 30+ tested games and hours of creative commons licensed music
    • Two USB hard drive cradles (for drive imaging)
  • Ben Bergman
    • ~20 PS/2 keyboards
    • box of assorted motherboards, graphics cards, RAM, cables, etc (all pretty old, no cases)
    • ~10 CRTs (will only bring down if requested)
  • Back elavator pile
    • 14 DDR based machines in various state of good and bad repair, including 4 shuttles
  • PC parts collection in workshop
    • Power supplies
    • DDR RAM
    • Video cards
    • CD drives
    • Motherboards

Worse case machine

We'd like machines to be at least this good:

  • Fast enough for software H263 software decoding (e.g. youtube), Intel Pentium IV (or equivilent architechure celeron) or AMD Duron, Athlon, or better
  • 512M of DDR SDRAM
  • 20G hard drive