Circuit hacking night

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Circuit hacking night is an event which occurs on some Thursday nights at SkullSpace (check the calendar for details). This is to provide a time for circuit/hardware enthusiasts to work on projects and collaborate in the following areas:

  • circuit design and development
    • circuit design
    • breadboarding
    • PCB layout/design
    • soldering
  • embedded systems design and development
    • real-time operating systems (uCOS, etc)
    • Arduino
    • msp430 (mspgcc)
  • logic design and development
    • FPGAs
    • Verilog
    • VHDL

Some ideas for introduction projects for those new to these areas: - Arduino make some lights blink - FPGA implement a shift register - Soldering up an ardweeny - Design an LED board PCB with shift register(s)

We meet at the space anytime after 6:00 and go until late. This is an open night so anyone (even non-members) may attend.