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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

Mohawk-con is issuing a challenge for hackerspaces to make donation boxes to put up in their booth[1]. We are officially participating with our theme being "Skull".


  • Make it loud
    • The amount of dollars you put in shuts it up for that many minutes
    • Make it play Friday on repeat until someone donates
    • Sirens similar to this
  • Make it a game
    • The money you donate is a multiplier for your score
    • Tweets high score and a pic of the winner
    • Game should be quick to play
    • Physical game
      • Box launches little propeller toy. Time taken to retrieve and replace is inversely proportional to score
  • Have it snap your picture and post to online gallery upon donation (unoffical defcon mohawk gallery)
  • Skull jukebox, enter money, pick song.