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On the second Monday of each month, SkullSpace will host a workshop and get-together in the spirit of CircuitSpace (an occasional gathering of our more electrically inclined membership). At these workshops anyone is welcome to come and either purchase kits and work in the classroom, or to work on their own projects in the lounge. The goal is to get people's feet wet with very simple digital electronics projects, and also to bring together like-minded people.

The workshops should last around an hour. They consist of a 15 to 30 minute introduction to the project being done that month, with the remainder being a hack session where students can take what they learned and play around with their creations. Our hope is that the projects presented are open ended and quick to learn with kits costing exactly $20. These kits will provide the unique materials needed for the monthly project, but some extra supplies will be needed so check the project's page for additional required supplies. The workshops themselves are free, and students are welcome to bring their own materials from home to work with. We plan to also provide all knowledge resources on this site so that those who cannot attend can work on projects at home, and those who are keen to start early can do so. Everyone should be able to use the classroom session for helping them through tough spots.

We want to breed co-operation and friendship here, so it's encouraged that those who are experienced with digital circuits partner with those who aren't. All ages are welcome, but those under 13 should bring an adult for company.