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When an event is planned, this is a list of people to notify. Note that not every group should be contacted every time, we'll quickly wear out our welcome that way. Instead, contact the groups that make logical sense.

Mailing lists

  • SkullSpace Announce - announce at skullspace.ca
  • AssentWorks discuss - ?
  • More? (MUUG, ICTAM, CIPS, PCUserGroup)


  • University of Manitoba co-op (Gerri Acorn) - contact via Ron Bowes
  • University of Winnipeg - contact via Jim MacKenzie
  • Red River College (Kyle Geske?)

Other individuals/groups

  • IPAM (Information Protection Association of Manitoba) - Todd Deryck or Karen Kabel
    • Professional, business people interested in security (think C-level execs primarily)