Hackathon 2011-12

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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.


It's been a year since SkullSpace started, and it's time to have a special hackathon! We've lined up some great speakers and projects to keep you busy on a cold December day! If you've never been to SkullSpace before, or if you come every day, you're welcome to join us!

Usually what goes on is something of a social event, with people talking about all kinds of things, trying out some lock picking, playing video games, sampling bake sale delicacies and generally just having a good time. The original intent was to get the amazing SkullSpace community together to work on projects and bounce ideas around, but it has evolved from that into something of a geek social with a focus on learning something new. There are still a handful of people that come out to work on their projects and everyone is welcome to bring anything they're currently working on to show off or just hack on with others. Even if you know nothing about coding/hacking/etc don't be afraid to stop by, our members are all types of creatives from architects and programmers to graphic designers and amateur radio enthusiasts.

When and Where

December 17 is the day of our December hackathon! It will be held in our space on the 3rd floor of 125 Adelaide. We open the doors at noon, and the first talk is at 2:00. It tends to end between 6 and 8pm.


When Who What Description
2:00 Ian Trump Threat Intelligence Brief Is Cyber Armageddon coming? Is a Cyber Apocalypse on the horizon? Ian Trump will share his latest knowledge and research on the business threat landscape with all participants. You will learn about what steps business can take to be resilient against an emerging , dynamic and persistent attempts to breach corporate networks. Leveraging inputs from the US DoD and Canadian Forces, Ian maps out the origins of Advanced Persistent Threats, Attacks on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems and deconstructs the buzz word of the week, Cyber espionage.
3:00 digital_blue Lockpicking Have you ever wondered how a lock works? And how they can be bypassed? And, importantly, why? Wonder no more! digital_blue, the administrator of lockpicking101.com and one of the foremost experts on locksport, will be speaking on the practice (and also the ethics) of lockpicking. He'll be available afterwards with a large assortment of locks for you to try your skills on!
4:00 Burke Libbey CoffeeScript TBA

Bake Sale

As always, we'll be having our famous SkullSpace Bakesale. The premise is, pay what you want and eat as much as you want!

Projects / Contests

This contest probably won't happen at this Hackathon, but I'm leaving this here as an idea for future hackathons.

Current ideas:

  • At least a week in advance, the piece of "mystery" hardware will be announced
  • Participants may bring in their own supplementary components or may use parts found around SkullSpace
  • The contest will officially start at noon on December 17
  • Participants will be given the hardware at that time
  • Contestants will have 24 hours to work on their projects
  • Sunday at 4pm, we have each participant show off what they did
  • Everybody in attendance can vote (or perhaps we record them and vote online?) - the categories we're talking about:
    • Funniest
    • Most excessive
    • Biggest hack (using the part for something it totally wasn't intended for)
    • Best overall
  • Winner is announced and is given something cool