Hackathon 2013-05

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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

The Esoteric Interesting-but-unpopular Programming Language Hackathon

A hackathon is an open day where we have talks, projects, socialization, and more! It's open to the public and free to check out, so be sure to come down to SkullSpace - second floor of 374 Donald St - to check us out!

What's going on this month!?

For our May/2013 hackathon - on May 18, starting at noon, we're going to have a special guest speaker - Dr John Bate, the former Head of the Computer Science department at the University of Manitoba! He'll be kicking things off at about 2pm with a talk about various programming language families - procedural, functional, and declarative - followed by some examples of each.

Mak, Alex, and Jay will all be speaking on specific unusual languages, and how they can be used, and will demonstrate some examples of what can be done!

Bonus - pizza lunch

We'll be ordering a pizza lunch around 1pm, so come down early for lunch! It'll be by-donation, so come and pay what you can!


When Who What Description
2:00 Dr John Bate Intro to esoteric languages What the heck is a procedural language? Or, for that matter, functional or declarative? Come see John Bate speak and find out! Targeted toward average programmers - not experts in the field - this will be a great introduction to the world outside of the typical C/Java/Ruby/.net world that most of us live in!
3:00 Mak Kolybabi Stack-based languages An introduction to the stack model, and how programming stack machines differs from register machines. Specifically, I will discuss Forth and Java bytecode (.class files).
4:00 Jay Smith Clojure It's time for our generation to pick up the parentheses of our fathers and make our way in the world. Learn how to be functional but lazy. Discover the secrets of being dynamic yet immutable. See how the beauty of lisp can meet the untold horrors of the JVM. Laugh as Jay fails to pronounce 'parentheses'. It'll be a good time.
5:00 Alex Weber Haskell Haskell is a pretty cool language, but lots of people think it's unapproachable because of the terminology used to discuss Haskell language concepts. This talk will attempt to express some of Haskell's elegance without using words like "monoid" or "endofunctor".

Other stuff that's happening

  • Our 3d printer is just about ready, come check it out!
  • PlaidCTF happened recently, and if you want to see how some of the levels were done, come find Ron
  • By-donation pizza lunch, starting at 1pm (arrive early!)
  • Various people working on their own projects or group projects