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Usually what goes on is something of a social event, with people talking about all kinds of things, trying out some lock picking, playing video games, sampling bake sale delicacies and generally just having a good time. The original intent was to get the amazing SkullSpace community together to work on projects and bounce ideas around, but it has evolved from that into something of a geek social with a focus on learning something new. There are still a handful of people that come out to work on their projects and everyone is welcome to bring anything they're currently working on to show off or just hack on with others. Even if you know nothing about coding/hacking/etc don't be afraid to stop by, our members are all types of creatives from architects and programmers to graphic designers and amateur radio enthusiasts.

When and Where

June 18 will be the seventh SkullSpace Hackathon! This will be the first hackathon in our new space at 125 Adelaide. The event will start at Noon and go until 8 PM.


In keeping with our plan of alternating prepared talks and show-and-tell from hackathon to hackathon, this month will be one of prepared talks. If you would like to give a talk, please contact Mak.

When Who What
??:?? Mak SkullSpace Update
??:?? Mike Lockpicking
??:?? Burke Bitcoin
??:?? Ian Criminal Intelligence Marketing: Law Enforcement Techniques Applied to the Social Network

Bake Sale

Who What Vegan?
Mak Kiss Cookies No
Dave Cookies, Brownies Yes
Andrew Chocolate Banana Bread Yes
Andrew's Mom Cookies Yes
Courtney Cupcakes I will try
Crust Animal flesh: BACON HELLZ NO
adrian something from gunns is pastry vegan??

What We Need

Donations and New Members