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Info.png This page has been archived. All information in this article is historical.

This Saturday is the March Hackathon, where a number of technical and worldly people share ideas, work on projects, and generally have a good time, in what have been called the most interesting places in Winnipeg (Skullspace and Assentworks).

When and Where

Saturday March 17, 2012 on the third floor of 125 Adelaide (across RRC in the exchange district). It's officially noon to 8PM; but most people arrive at 11AM-1PM and you'll often find some chatting and working on projects until 2AM...

What's happening

In the classroom, insightful talks from knowledgeable people: (subjects are tentative)

  • Michael Legary - turning a technical idea into a business
  • Les Bester - recent history of telecom: BBSes and ISPs of Manitoba
  • Jim Young/UofM - human-robot interaction and generating ideas
  • Garth/WARC - the next generation of amateur radio, D*Star system
  • Colin - quick overview of the card access system
  • MikeL and Justin - renovation plans for Skullspace

Talks are usually 1PM-4PM, there's no certain times or lengths but we can work around presenters' schedules if need be.

Assentworks will have their Maker Day, with tours, training and demos of the machinery.

As well, many members will be working on their projects in the workshop - If you have something to show, even alpha-stage, bring it!


The custom is - donate what amount you want to Skullspace and you can eat what you want (if supplies allow).

We'll likely use the Skullspace promotion budget to get pizza/Indian food/etc.; as usual, bring food to share if you want, but please mark if it's vegan/gluten-free/etc.