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December 20, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Adrian, Chris, Ron, Mak, Siu, Rylaan, Jason, Stef 1, Justin 0, Jeff, Nate, Thor, Clinton, Marcel, Big Andrew, Chris K, Colin 0, Stef 0


  • No meeting next week


  • Lights will cost $25-$40
  • Card access is ready to go just need a panel
    • Colin 0 will talk to Mike


  • Justin to look into getting new lease
  • Waiting for a quote from the cleaners
  • Mike L is getting a lock box with a key to the electrical room in it
  • Budget strike force to meet in the new year

December 13, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Andrew, Ron, Craig, Justin, Jay, Shawn, G. Mike, Jason, Andrew, Mike L, Nate, Nick, Kenny, Colin 0, Colin 2, Dave, Siu, Walter, Marcel, Thor, Justin 1


  • We have $2400


  • Server has dedicated power and have been put in the racks
    • Please write the IP on your server
  • New windows will be put in this week
  • Card access is almost complete just waiting for the licence
  • Need to go through the basement to look for ducts for fibre
    • Justin will talk to Remco about it
  • Kenny will talk to a locksmith


  • Stickers have been ordered
  • Jay is to purchase fire extinguishers and alarms
  • Jay is to decide when we will have the budget meeting
  • Wordpress group to meet 1st Wednesday of every month
  • February 3-5 is a Game Jam

December 6, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Courtney, Andrew, Matt. Jason, Ron, Jay, Craig, Jeremy, Chris, Mak, Dave, Siu, Shawn, Jeff, G. Mike, Colin 0, Thor, Nick, Alex, Garry, Justin 1, Colin 2


  • We have $3003.12 less the cost of a projector and card access


  • Windows were caulked on the outside
  • Need to insulate
  • Server room power needs to be fixed (G. Mike, Colin)
  • Card access, the Mikes need to meet


  • Stickers
    • Courtney will order
  • Budget
    • Jay's in charge

November 29, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Shawn, Alex, Chris, Gary, Ron, Jeremy, Justin, Thor, Adrian, Jeff, Craig, Kenny, Marcel, Mak, G. Mike, Jason, Dave, Siu, Mark, Colin, Walter, Matt, Stef, Courtney


  • After December dues we will have approx $2500


  • Classroom has two baseboards and the men's bathroom has one
  • Last space to renovate is the war room
    • Will be done after the holidays
  • Also need to finish wiring, more ballasts and new fixtures

Card Access

  • Mikes need to meet


  • Talks
    • Burke on Coffee Script
    • Digital_Blue on lock picking
    • Ian Trump on cyber security
  • Contest Iron Chef style, Ron to have more details


  • Stickers
  • 20 Stacking chairs
  • Mats
  • First aid
  • Fire extinguishers


  • UPS is $200
  • 10 batteries are $250
  • Can be used on 5-10 servers

November 22, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Mak, Stefan, Jay, Jeff, Craig, Marcel, Shawn, Ron, Justin, Thor, G. Mike, Jason, Dave, Siu, Kenny, Ben, Mark, Colin 0, Colin 2, Justin 2, Matt, Courtney


  • We have 1200 that's spendable after we pay for the projector and card access
  • We have 43 paid members
  • We should vote on what we want to spend the money on
    • Update wish list
    • Transfer items we have to inventory list
  • Since June we have spent $4000 on renovations
  • Need a new budget
    • So far we have a strike force made up of Jay, Courtney, Andrew and Ron

Card Access

  • Need locksmith for front door
  • The Mikes will talk about what needs to get done


  • Dec 17
  • Need talks and a project
  • Strike force: Mak, Ron, Courtney, Jay, More other Jeff


  • Decorate it!


  • If you want a ring see Matt or Ron


  • Remco says heat will get done this week
    • 2 baseboard heaters in the class, one per bathroom and one for workshop
  • Windows will be done this week or next
  • War Room is the last room to finish


  • Siu to get quotes

Server Room

  • Colin to get battery prices and will send an email out on cost options

November 15, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Dave, Marcel, Jeff, Craig, Justin, Jay, Jeremy, Mike, MArk C, Chris, Thor, Nick, Ron, Sean, Walter, Andrew, Jason, Stef, Colin 2, Courtney


  • Has ink

First Aid Kit

  • We need another one


  • We should get contents insurance increased

November 8, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Thor, Ron, Justin, Justin 2, Courtney, Chris, Jeremy, Jeff, Sean, G. Mike, Mark J, Kenny, Colin 0, Andrew, Gary, Colin 2, Craig, Mathew, Jason

Grand Opening

  • Sold 116 tickets
  • Made $1175 in total


  • War room choices
    • 1 small gaming rooms
    • 2 dirty workshop
  • touchups to trim are needed


  • Old heaters on dock. What do we do with them?
  • Windows?


  • stickers
  • flyers
  • business cards
  • Courtney will look around
  • Courtney to get ink for printer clp310n (just black)

November 1, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Painting meeting

October 18, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Ron, Stefan, Marcel, Paul, Shawn, Jeremy, Kenny, Matthew, Mak, Jason, Thor, Colin, Siu, Dave, Mike, Mark, Andrew, Jay

Things Jay needs to call Remco about

  • Gorgeous Mike's work unable to give us a quick turnaround time on heaters; Remco should not wait for our quote
  • Nag about window safety
  • Get Remco to disconnect the gas lines so we can safely remove the heaters
  • Get permission to modify the front door lock to support key cards


  • We plan on framing and insulating the classroom wall
  • Meeting Thursday for renovations and cleanup
  • Every night is reno night!
  • Kenny knows someone who can remove the heaters
  • Thor is wise in matters of insulation

Skullspace Merch and Schwag

  • Ask Ron for grand opening tickets
  • 30 T-Shirts printed
  • discussed desire for stickers and business cards
  • Vantage and BNF mentioned as potential print shops
  • Awards Canada is giving us free pins
  • Matthew has designed 3D printed SkullSpace rings that can be made in a variety of metals
  • Siu is designing a plaque to give to linear systems for their generous contributions

Prospective New Members

  • Paul: Has a Myers Briggs personality type of "Crazy" and claims to use Powerbuilder for the good of humanity


  • Wednesday, October 19 - "Make a web site with wordpress" @ SkullSpace
  • Friday, October 21 - SkullSpace "hang out" night
  • Saturday, October 22 - Renovations
  • Sunday, October 23 - Renovations
  • Monday, October 24 - PHP User group
  • Tuesday, October 25 - Epic Technology Day
  • Tuesday, October 25 - 'Reel Rock' film screening
  • Saturday, November 5 - Grand Opening!

October 11, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: 19 people, most of them presumably named Stef or Colin


  • Renovation push to coincide with the upcoming Hackathon on Oct. 15th
  • Main focus will be on insulation and sheeting
  • Insulation will be purchased from Rona as soon as it opens
  • Safety tip: Don't roll around naked in the insulation.

Card Access

  • A system has been donated to us
  • Working with AssentWorks to evaluate requirements
  • We require a locksmith to change the deadbolt on the entrance to be compatible with the system and existing keys
  • Target date is the Grand Opening


  • 30 T-Shirts have been ordered
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, including kids.


  • Potential new members now must be introduced at the weekly meetings
  • People under the age of 18 are not eligible for membership, but may visit as a member's guest
  • Existing members under the age of 18 are grandfathered in and may remain members.

Vending Machine

  • A bottling company may be able to repair our machine for free
  • Need to investigate how cost effective it would be to have the bottling company supply our machine with drinks

Prospective New Members

  • Stefan: Prefers Coke over Pepsi
  • Jason: Favourite colour is Powder Blue
  • Shawn: Also a fan of Powder Blue.
  • Marcel: Favourite colour is Blue.
  • Craig: Favourite colour remains a mystery. Possibly blue?
  • Thor: Has an awesome name.


  • Friday Oct 14 @ 8:30am: 3D printing talk
  • Friday Oct 14 @ the evening: Hangout night
  • Saturday Oct 15 @ 10:30am: Mercury Cuffs (bike messenger game)
  • Saturday, Oct 15 @ 12:00pm: SkullSpace hackathon
  • Saturday, Oct 15: November's fees are due
  • Sunday, Oct 16 @ 3:30pm: BarCraft Winnipeg
  • Monday, Oct 17 @ 8:30am: Manitoba Schools Cyber Defense Workshop
  • Monday, Oct 17 @ 7:30pm: Amateur Radio Club meetup
  • Tuesday, Oct 25: Epic technology day

October 4, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Andrew, Jay, Ron, Courtney, Mike L. Gorgeous Mike, Mak, Jason, Jeremy, Kenny, Chris, Justin, Colin 0, Gary, Colin 2, Walter, Mark J


  • Winnipeg Foundation grants for over $100,000
    • Deadline is December 30th
  • Kenny to help write up the proposal


  • Workbench and lounge are wired


  • Waiting for quotes


  • Need to get quote for heater cost
  • Remco accepted a quote to get the windows replaced (new panes in the classroom, and new windows in the mens bathroom and one window in AssentWorks

Grand Opening

  • In one month!
  • Justin is working on the posters
  • Need to paint and insulate the lounge

Members under 18

  • They may not use power tools without the guidance and supervision of a skilled member
  • They may not have guests
  • They must have a parent come down and talk to a member of the Board and vouch for them
  • Parent also needs to sign the membership agreement
  • There must be an adult member present when they are at the space
  • For that reason, they will not be given a key
  • They must be familiar with the Safety policy

September 27, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Stef, Jeremy, Kenny, Mak, Andrew P, Andrew O, Marcel, Justin, Nick, Mike L, Gorgeous Mike, Alex, Courtney, Ron, Colin 0, Colin 1, Colin 2, Dave, Walter, Gary, Siu, Ross, Tweek, Adrian


  • Courtney to get quotes

Windows and Heat

  • Someone came to look at the windows
  • They are probably only going to replace the ones that are broken
  • Need to arrange to get a quote to cap the chimney, take down the old heaters and put in electric heaters


  • Saturday is renovations day
  • Need to call Re Store for insulation
  • Doors should be available in November

Posters and Tickets

  • Justin is making posters
  • Andrew is getting tickets printed


  • If you make a mess clean it up
  • We should make a day for vacuuming, dusting etc


  • We have $2500 to spend


  • If you donate items write SkullSpace on them
  • If you bring items to the space that you would like to keep put your name on it


  • September 27: .net user group, vmware user group
  • September 28: Rockclimbing, circuit hacking night
  • September 29: secret handshake, ruby user group
  • September 30: Friday! Friday!
  • October 1: Renovation day at SkullSpace, Artcadia
  • October 2: Global hackerspaces call-in

September 20, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Kenny, Nick, Jeremy, Jason, Justin, Mak, Courtney, Colin 0, Marcel, Mike, Mark J, Colin 2, Stefan, Andrew, Nick B, Cian, Dave, Siu


  • Its set up, bring books
  • Books stay in the space

Windows and Heat

  • Waiting for Remco to get back to us


  • We have $2500 to spend
  • Membership fees are now overdue!


  • We no longer need to purchase a subpanel

Posters and Tickets

  • Justin is working on them


  • Wednesday is Circuit Hacking night
  • Thursday Agile Meeting and Historical Fencing
  • Oct 1 is Artcadia
  • Wednesday and Sunday are climbing nights at Vertical Adventures

September 13, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Ron, Jay, Justin, Fernando, Jeremy, Todd, Stephen, Dave, Kenny, Colin 0, Gary, Mike L, Nick, Jason, Andrew, Courtney, Alex, Marcel, Mark C, Mark J, Colin 2,


  • One broke, Remco is looking into possibly replacing them

New Members

  • New policy is waiting for a 2 week period before they are given keys
  • An email is sent to Announce to inform current members
  • Members have the right to object to a new member
  • Objections are sent to the secretary and will remain anonymous
  • Two objections are required for a person to be denied membership


  • We do not condone any illegal downloading


  • A food and technology festival taking place in Montreal
  • If anyone is interested in participating we could create a 3D food printer

Project Mailing List

  • We don't need another mailing list
  • Just use discuss or message boards


  • We can make arrangements with the Cre8ery or use the bin at Seccuris


  • We could put a sub panel in the lounge
  • We are waiting for Mike H before making any decisions


  • We have $2300 to spend
  • Possibly on insulation or more renovations


  • Amateur radio courses take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Wednesdays are Circuit hacking nights, non members are welcome
  • Saturday is the Hackathon, Software Freedom Day and Talk Like a Dinosaur Day
  • Thursdays are Historical Fencing Nights from 6-9 at the Valor Community Club on Banning (Gary to email details)

September 6, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Jay, Mike L, Kenny, Jeremy, Justin, Mark J, Mark C, Ron, Garry, Stef, Stefan, Colin 0, Cian, Dave, Siu, Fernando, Adrian

Reverse Engineering Lab

  • 25 people came
  • Made $150 in donations
  • Next Monday come by with any questions
  • The following Monday will be part 2


  • We have no room for a bin
  • We should find out how much it will cost us to share with the Cre8ery


  • Maker space/rapid prototyping
  • In Phase 1
    • Basic tools
    • 3D printer
    • 4' x 8' CNC machine
  • SkullSpace members can join for $60
  • Phase 2 would require 40 members at $100 or the monetary equivalent
  • Grand opening on Oct 27
  • Open on Oct 1
  • Looking for volunteers on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday


  • Grand Opening on Nov 5
  • Movie night on Friday
  • RE follow up on Sept 12
  • Hackathon and Software Freedom Day on Sept 17
  • Functional User Group meeting on Monday
  • Code Retreat on Saturday

August 30, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Mak, Justin, Ron, Colin 0, Mike G, Nate, John, Jay, Stef, Kenny, Nick, Andrew, Colin 2, Siu, Dave, Burke, Mark, Scotty, Jason, Adrian

Grand Opening

  • In the space in the afternoon and then at the Kingshead in the evening
  • Grand Opening meetings are held after Tuesday meetings


  • Shutters have been installed
  • We need 3 prong extension cords
  • Foosball table has been purchased
  • We have a paint sprayer and 20 gallons of paint ** Mike will be painting when he is back from vacation
  • Drink machine needs to repaired by a professional
  • Furniture needs to be rearranged
  • Justin is going to talk to Remco about garbage and HVAC
  • Colin is going to create a database of donated items


  • Bitcoin vending machine
  • AVR butterfly
  • create a skills inventory


  • First Fridays we are open
  • Grand opening is Nov 5
  • Reverse Engineering lab is Labor day
  • Sept 3rd is hackerspace call in day
  • Software Freedom Day and the next Hackathon are on the same day
  • Stanford classes, SkullSpace will have a study group

August 23, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Ron, Courtney, Mike H, Justin, Jay, Mak, Nate, Colin 0, Colin 1, Andrew, Adrian, Glenn, Dave, Marcel, Ian, Dan, Brian

Lease/ Renovations

  • The building might have been sold we are not sure yet but many decisions to be made are on pause until we find out.
  • Renovation meeting on Saturday to make shutters for the windows in the classroom.

Using SkullSpace for meetings

  • There will be a Ruby meetup in September in SkullSpace
  • Reverse Engineering workshop on Labor Day
  • We agree the classroom should be free to hold events but we should encourage donations


  • Meeting on grants TBD


  • We need extension cords and power bars
  • Ron wants to buy us a Foosball table

Recruiting new members

  • University of Winnipeg career fair, set up a table
  • Comic Con
  • Offer student memberships

Grand Opening Party

  • September 24 12-6 in SkullSpace
  • After 6 in another location, possibly the Kings Head
  • Need people to give talks
  • Same food as at socials
  • Dave is going to make a cake

August 16, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Ron, Courtney, Jason, Stef, Justin 1, Justin 2, Jay, Mak, Mike H, Mike L, Tweek, Russ, Mark, Nate, Colin 1, Colin 2, Garry, Andrew, Adrian


  • Hackathon is this Saturday
    • Bring power cords if you can
    • Martin is giving a talk on long boards
    • Need people to volunteer for the bake sale
  • Reverse Engineering lab in 2 weeks (date TBD) with an option donation of $10-$20
  • Grand Opening
    • To be on Saturday after the Hackathon
    • Meeting on Monday at 6pm to plan event
    • Ron, Courtney, Jay, Mike, Nathan and Justin are attending
  • B-Sides Winnipeg
    • Spring conference that Mak and Ron are planning
  • We encourage members to hold more events in the space (game/movies nights)
    • If you want to create an event let a Board Member know and it will be put on the calendar
  • Stanford Artificial Intelligence course
    • Stef wants to create a study group


  • We could have card access in 2 weeks
  • All further renovations require money
  • The electrical panel will cost about $1000
  • Justin called Remco about the ventilation and they are going to send an HVAC guy out to take a look.
  • Both elevators now work
  • We should create a close down list
  • We should create a database of items


  • We have $3000 in the bank of which $200 is spendable
  • We made $232 at Defcon
  • We should check to make sure all members have paid their dues
  • Direct Debit is available
  • Current members of SkullSpace will get a discounted rate of $60 per month at AssentWorks (reg $100)

August 9, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Colin 2, Mike H, Nick, Justin, Courtney, Mike L, Colin 0, Jason, Mark, Dave


  • Need money to buy insulation and sheeting
  • We should do a donation drive until we get $2000 and prioritize which room we complete first
  • If we complete the classroom we will we able to rent it out and have another source of income
    • We can finish the classroom for around $500
  • If we complete the workshop first we might attract more member and be better able to retain the ones we have.
  • There are still some minor things that we can do for free (clean + organize)
  • We should create a priority list on the wiki and a wishlist for each room on the wiki
  • We are in need of basic hand tools (screwdrivers wrenches etc) if anyone has any that they would like to donate please let us know
  • Door access is almost complete just need a few parts (and the doors)


  • We should expect more people than the last one
  • Some of us will be participating in the challenge


  • We are going to make a Skullatron
  • VR is almost fixed as is the Star Trek pinball machine

July 26, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Mak, Courtney, Jay, Glenn, Tim, Justin, Other Justin, Dan, Mike H, Cian, Ron, Garry, Nick, Ric, Colin 2, Ric, Nate, Colin 0, Jason


  • Considering getting our own sub panel separate from AssentWorks
  • Could cost $500 - $700


  • Tables are set up
  • Kitchen has cups and dishes
  • Come by on Saturday if you want to help

Card Access

  • Panel is installed and wiring is almost done
  • Need to install software and get the strikes


  • We agree to have cameras in the hallways, by the doors and in the server room but not in the lounge and workshop


  • Mak and Andrew are getting Mohawks
  • Box is being made on Thursday contact Andrew if you want to help


  • Secret Handshake is Thursday
  • First Fridays (we will be open)
  • Skullspace meeting is cancelled for next Tuesday but we will have an open house

July 19, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan

July 12, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Colin 0, Colin 1, Colin 2, Mak, Andrew, Fernando, Mike H, Mark, Justin, Other Justin, Tim, Glenn, Mike L, Jason, Dan, Jay, Dave, Nick, Burke, Garry, Russ, Tweek, Les, Todd, Adrian, Stef, Courtney


  • Only 1 quote so far, from BFI
    • We have 2 options
      • 6 yard for $30/month
      • 4 yard for $23/month
    • BFI is going to come by and check to see what size bin will fit
  • We may not have a place for a bin, Justin is going to talk to Remco about it


  • Doors are in
  • Temporary, wooden double doors are in place
  • Real, steel double doors are ordered and will take 4-5 weeks to come in
  • Material for the doors are being donated but we may have to pay for labour (at most $400 for the 2 sets)
  • Mike H will bring up card access with his boss so we have the equipment ready for the doors
  • Friday Cleanup and Reorganization starts at Noon, feel free to come later


  • Need to find out our circuit requirements
  • While redoing the current panel, do we want to get a sub-panel?
  • Mike H to work out cost


  • Unit ready to be moved
  • We will be getting a venting quote
  • An option is to get 2 split units for approx $5000


  • Direct Debit can be used when we get the membership agreements signed
  • Lease Extension to be discussed with Remco on Thursday


  • Mohawk-con Donation Box's theme is skull
  • We've decided to participate in the Playing Card Challenge


  • Anarchist Tech Support on Friday at SkullSpace starting at 6 p.m.
  • PegJam
  • Mr. Ghosty's Going Away Party
  • Ai-kon
  • 1k blank white cards

July 5, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Ron, Dave, Mak, Mike H, Mike L, Andrew, Courtney, Tweek, Colin 0, Colin 2, Jay, Dan, Mark, Justin, Tim, Ric, Glenn, Garry, Jason, Stef, Adrian

Member Agreement and Bylaws

  • To be sent to Colin 1 for his dad to look at


  • Colin 2 has donated some doors
  • We need double doors
  • We might get custom doors donated but they could take 4-6 weeks


  • We have spent $1000 on renovations
  • We will likely spend another $1200 on renovations
  • We have $3000 in the bank


  • July 16th
  • Show and Tell
  • Need more people for the bake sale

First Fridays

  • Wait until next month


  • 1000 Blank White Cards 8pm Thursdays at the Toad

June 28, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Ron, Dave, Mak, Mike H, Mike L, Andrew, Courtney, Les, Todd, Ben, Nick, Russ, Tweek, Colin 0, Colin 1, Colin 2

Garbage Disposal

  • To be discussed at the next meeting when Jay is present


  • Outside walls are finished
  • Need doors
    • SkullSpace needs 3, Assent Works needs 2
    • Can't get card access until we have the doors
    • Check U of M surplus, salvage yards and ask on the message board for doors
    • Need measurements for doors before we ask
  • Meeting on Saturday

Hackathon 8

  • Will be a show and tell
  • Could be our grand opening
  • Is the same day as PegJam
  • Dave is making bread and stew

Mohawk-Con Donation Box

  • We are registered
  • Our theme is skull
  • Could be a possible hackathon project

Member Agreements and Bylaws

  • To be sent to Colin 1's dad


  • Ask former members if they would like to rejoin
  • We now have direct debit, bring a void cheque


  • Looking for tutors to teach kids about cyber defense/security


  • Ruby Meetup
  • First Fridays
  • PegJam

June 21, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Mike L, Justin, Mak, Dan, Jeremy, Jay, Mike H, Courtney, Glenn, Colin H, Todd, Les, Russ, Tweek, Stef, Burke, Dave

Garbage Disposal

  • Jay is looking after this next week
  • Until then we are using the one at Seccuris

Hackathon 7 report

  • Around 36 people attended
  • $185 was raised in the bake sale

Hackathon 8

  • On July 16th
  • Show and tell
  • Need curtains for classroom

Linear Systems Inc. sale report

  • Purchased screen, projector, ESD pads, ESD coats, whiteboards, tables and chairs
  • tables still need to be picked up

Mass Spectrometer

  • Do we need it?
  • Maintenance costs can be high
  • What would we use it for?


  • Mike L to get estimate and parts list for Monday from an electrician
  • Our cost so far has been $700
  • Stack needs to be insulated
  • Need steel doors for card access
  • Separation wall is a priority
  • Meeting on Saturday at 9 am to continue with renovations
  • Mike H is available Friday at 1 pm for renovations
  • We can also do renovations on Tuesday after the meeting

Mohawk-Con Donation Box

  • Deadline is July 1
  • Andrew to talk to Ben

Member agreements

  • Colin H's Dad is going to look it over
  • We now have the direct debit account set up, and can perform withdrawals


  • Courtney to merge comments


  • Winnipeg iPhone Developer Meetup
  • Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club Field Day 2011

June 14, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Jay, Cian, Dan, Mike H, Courtney, Glenn, Burke, Stef, Justin, Jason, Dan B, Fernando, Andrew, Todd, Mike L, Colin, Russ, Tweak

Old Business:

Garbage Disposal

  • Jay to get quotes from BFI, Johnson's and WM
  • Will also look into recycling


  • See Justin or Mike for details
  • Possibility of extending our lease
  • Noise issues to be discussed with Remco

Hackathon 7

  • Is this Saturday in the space
  • 3 presentations
  • Space preparations are being done Thursday at 6pm if anyone wants to help

To Do:

  • Clean fridge
  • Move conduit
  • Get/Arrange furniture
  • Close off areas
  • Move tools
  • Get supplies (soap, toilet paper etc)
  • Make sure we have enough lights
  • Enough power, extension cords
  • Box fans
  • Internet
  • Vacuum couch
  • Signs
  • Mailbox

Biking to Gimli

  • cancelled

Mohawk-Con Donation Box

  • Ben will discuss at Hackathon 7

New Business:

Linear Systems Inc. sale

  • Thursday morning
  • Looking for projector, irons, scope, tables and chairs


  • Manitoba Geocachers Association Pub Night
  • Secret Handshake this Thursday

Mass Spectrometer

  • one is available can we use it?

June 7, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Jay, Mike Hat, Ben, Stef, Ron, Mak, Fernando, Justin, Andrew, Courtney, Tweek, Russ, Colin, Ric, Dan, Cian, Todd, Jason, Adrian


  • Meeting on Thursday at 6pm to discuss what needs to be done.
  • Those of us that are not going to Re:Play will meet on Saturday to work on the space the rest of us will be there on Sunday at 10am.


  • We now have wireless!
  • Cisco will be donated to us when we have a secure area for it.

Garbage Disposal

  • We can use Jordan’s bin if we pay for it.
  • Jay to look into prices for our own bin.

Mohawk Con

  • Hacker spaces can put up boxes for donations.
  • Theme is needed for July 1st.


  • Talk to Mak if you want an email.
  • To be sent to your regular inbox until we have a server.


  • Re:Play is this Saturday, 12pm-5pm.
  • Andrew is giving a presentation at 2pm.
  • Hackathon 7 is on the 18th.
  • We need tables, chairs, power and internet.

May 31, 2011 - 18:00 @ 125 Adelaide

Members Present: Dan, Mike L, Dave, Mike Hat, Mak, Ron, Jay, Justin, Courtney, Glenn, Les, Todd, Andrew, Dave Too, Jason, Ben, Adrian, Russ, Tweek, Colin


  • For details on the renovations please contact Justin

Card Access:

  • Cre8ery does not want cards they want to continue to use their keys
  • Mike will arrange for card access

Internet Access:

  • Ron will make arrangements


  • We have 30 members for June
  • $5600 in the bank of which $1000 is spendable
  • We need to determine our renovation budget


  • May Hackathon bake sale raised $200
  • Will have another bake sale in June


  • June 11 at the WAG
  • We will be selling shirts
  • Mike, Ben, Andrew, Justin, Russ, Jay and Jason will bring things to display
  • If you want to display anything contact Andrew
  • There will be a 20 minute presentation given by Andrew
  • Out next Hackathon will be advertised
  • After party hosted by SkullSpace to be held at the King’s Head

“Multipurpose Room”

  • Finishing it should be our priority
  • Needs screen, tables, chairs, wifi, white board screen and projector

First Aid:

  • Mike Hat to make arrangements for training.

Data Dance 4:

  • Do we want to host it at Lo Pub?
  • Dan and Courtney to look into it/find DJs

May 25, 2011 - 18:00 @ King's Head

Members Present: Dan, Justin, Andrew, Glenn, Courtney, Ron, Tim, Jay, Jason, Russ, Mike Hat, Colin

Election Results

  • Andrew beat Dan for Treasurer 17-0
  • Justin beat Mike H 9-7 (one person did not vote)


  • We are all in agreement that JM Johnson will be our insurer.
  • We need details about deductibles and premium increases


  • we want closed security cameras at least in the lobby
  • in the membership handbook we need to put a clause that we are not responsible for stolen items


  • Need to create a handbook/policy document
  • to inform new membership
  • Mike has membership agreement for lawyer
  • Membership policy strike force to meet Tuesday May 25 after meeting
  • Strike force members so far are Dan, Courtney, Mak, Justin, Jay


  • Was it too long?
  • June hackathon to be arranged by Mak


  • Jay is waiting for a call from landlord

Bike Tour

  • members are Tim, Dan, Ron, Jay, Courtney and Andrew (Captain)
  • we need a team name

Data Dance

  • do we want to organize the next one?

May 16, 2011 - 18:00 @ King's Head


  • Russ volunteered to be our elections officer
  • Anyone who wants to run should email Russ
  • So far the people running are:
  • President: Ron
  • Vice President: Mak
  • Treasurer: Andrew and Dan
  • Secretary: Courtney
  • Operations Manager: Justin and Mike W.A.H.


  • We are being offered some donations by Crow
  • like drywall, freezer, first aid kit


  • Mike W.A.H. Brought up first aid training
  • We can get St Johns out to teach us a class
  • All should go

May Hackathon

  • Will be a show and tell
  • Bake sale, anyone who can should bring something
  • Last Data Dance is after

June Hackathon

  • In our new space!
  • Grand opening?


  • June 11
  • if you have something you want to show talk to Andrew
  • so far Justin and Mike L are bringing stuff
  • we have an 8ft (2.4m) table
  • after party at our space

Membership Waiver

  • we agreed no members who are minors
  • minors are allowed with a member (you must be their parent or legal guardian), must be supervised, and are not allowed in the shop
  • all guests must sign a waiver
  • Mike is taking current draft to the lawyer


  • needed by June 1
  • Andrew and Courtney to meet

MS Bike Tour

  • anyone interested in joining the SkullSpace team should contact Courtney

May 10, 2011 - 18:00 @ King's Head

Members present: Russ, Allisa, Fernando, Justin, Courtney, Jeremy, Mike, Mark, Andrew, Abrie, Stef, Glenn, Ron, Troy, Burke, Todd, Mak, Jay, Dan, Jason, Colin

Re: Play

  • Andrew brought up Re: Play at the WAG June 11, 12pm-5pm
  • If anyone has any projects to submit contact Andrew.
  • There is going to be an after party at SkullSpace

Keys/Card Access

  • Andrew to talk to building owner about card access so it will not be necessary to cut keys
  • Justin and Mike W.A.H. to arrange card access donation (Letter for Mike’s boss)


  • Colin brought up a concern for roof tripods and wireless Internet
  • Ron said we will be getting Cisco equipment when we get a server room
  • We already have a room for the servers but there are concerns about the open ceiling and an air conditioner

Space Division

  • The space will be divided up with Mike L getting a slightly larger portion of a the space although we could extend a part of our space.
  • Justin will play around with the plan.
  • We discussed getting a written agreement from Mike L regarding rent but we decided against it.


  • Election needs to be arranged
  • who is running, ballots


  • Andrew is talking with Horizon
  • Courtney is talking with JM Johnson


  • We need to draft a membership agreement and legal agreement/waiver
  • Jeremy is going to look into it.


  • Reach out to other groups
  • Contact News, radio etc


  • May 21 12pm-8pm
  • Will be a show and tell
  • Mike W.A.H to get tables and chairs


  • Arrange party / June Hackathon to be at 125 Adelaide

Agenda for next meeting

  • Party after Re:Play
  • Member agreement and waiver
  • Insurance
  • Election
  • Grand opening and June Hackathon

May 3, 2011 @ The King's Head

  • Current rent - $650 + insurance
  • Assentworks will pay half
  • June 1 = lease starting
  • $120 for 3 month membership to get a t-shirt
  • Renovation - everybody wants to help
  • Hackathon - no firm plans yet
  • Secretary and VP - we need
  • By-laws group will meet Thursday
  • Business plan needs work - Mike will send it to UofM MBA
  • Update business plan
  • Merch for Data Dance

April 26, 2011 @ The King's Head

Members present: Ron, Dan, Rylann, Glenn, Colin, Mak, Russ, Mike, Jeremy, Jay, Mark, Justin, Courtney, Andrew, Les, Todd, Virgil, Robin

  • What kind of grants can we get from the arts area?
  • Lease
    • We need to get the sublease clause removed or clarified
    • The use of premises is too vague
    • Specify which utilities are included
    • Insurance
    • Ventilation - how will this happen?
    • Clause for 8-month vacate
    • Occupency permit
  • Task: talk to co-working guy from Secret Handshake
  • Set up a floorplan with Mike Legary
  • Consult a lawyer/accountant
    • Registered charity - will pursue in the future
  • Start finding grant info
  • Accountants - the Exchange Group might be able to help
  • Shop equipment - Courtney has deals with Rona

April 19, 2011 @ The King's Head

Members Present: Russ, Mike, Stef, Burke, Mak, Justin, Robin, Jay, Mike, Andrew, Glenn, Ron

  • Property
    • Waiting for agents
    • The zoning is 'character'
    • We can do light industrial
    • It's designed for studio
  • Link with protospace
    • Makes sense if one entity (skullspace) holds the lease
    • Require some legal agreement
    • Lease will be under skullspace
    • Protospace will be a tenant
    • Ensure the power is 3phase
  • Directors insurance = any situations where directors would be personally liable
  • Next step: Get the lease (Jay)
  • Next step: Talk to zoning officers (Justin)
  • Coming: Directors', renters', and liability insurance
  • Lighting - certain kinds may require major changes
  • Card access: cost will be about $500
  • Upcoming events:
    • Secret Handshake
    • Ruby User Group

April 12, 2011 @ The Lo Pub

Members present: Jay, Mark, Glenn, Russ, Jeremy, Justin, Andrew, Mike, Fernando, Ron

  • Formed a taskforce for the businessplan
  • Jay is dealing with lease formalities
  • Find out information about insurance and zoning

April 5, 2011 @ The Lo Pub

Members present: Cian, Ron, Mak, Justin, Mike, Mike, Jay, Stef, Burke, Mark, Dan, Russ, Andrew, Russ, etc

  • Mostly discussed spaces, hackathon
  • (well, Burke Libbey) donated $500!

March 15, 2011 @ The Potential Bannatyne Location

Members present: Glenn, Martin, Dan, Dan, Andrew, Mak, Justin, Jay, Mark, Shane, Jeremy, Claire, Ben, Mark, Mike, Russ, Fernando, Alex

  • Web site - Stef and Claire will handle
  • Budget - we're doing well
  • Space
    • it runs under the sidewalk, was built in 1901
    • Moving the electric panels starting tomorrow
    • Our room should be okay, but will know for sure by Friday
    • Space may take 6 months to get
    • Secondary options are rquired
    • Potential security issues with Republic next door
    • Potential space on Erin - 2 floors + basement - Mike will send info
    • May look at locations in Innkster Industrial - over 7000sqft

March 8, 2011 - 18:00 @ LO Pub

Members present: Andrew, Ron, Fernando, Mark, Dan, Russ, Andrew, Jay, Shayne, Jeremy, Justin, Burke, Glenn, Brendan, Les, Mike, Mak, Tim

Event on the 19th

  • hosting it on portage
  • quadrocopter
  • bring your friends
  • need
    • fold out chairs an tables
    • accepting food donations
    • yodeladi


  • basic cleanup done
  • zoning is complete
  • demolition starts this week
  • we are going to the space after the meeting today


  • $1300 ish in the bank

Task Force

  • Need a budget task force
  • Need a website task force

Budget task force

  • Andrew
  • Jay
  • Dan
  • Ron

Event task force

  • Mak
  • Mark
  • Ron

Website task force

  • Stef

Bylaws were discussed and everyone decided they were fine

March 1, 2011 - 18:00 @ LO Pub

Members present: mike, fernando, jeff, andrew, jay, les, mark, stef, burke, rich, alex, russ, mak, ron, dan, ben, glenn

Current tasks:

  1. Create By-laws
  2. Create a "Wishlist" of initial gear
  3. Plan a March 19th event

The basic plan outlined at the meeting was this...

First, we need to establish by-laws and create an initial wishlist, which will enable us to apply for government grants and give us a good idea of startup money.

Next, we need to draft a good budget, consider the number of members we have, and define the amount each member would be required to pay. If it's an acceptable amount, and the members vote in favour, then we'll be in a position to accept a space.

Hackathon task force

  • Ron
  • Mak

Bylaws task force

  • Andrew
  • Jay
  • Dan
  • Mike
  • Mak

Preliminary Design task force

  • Andrew
  • Dan
  • Jay

February 22, 2011 - 18:00 @ LO Pub

People here: andrew, mike, justin, fernando, crust, mark, stef, martin, paul, dan, ron, mak, andrew, molly, jay

membership - we're taking them today. $10 for now.


  • last step - insurance
  • proper lease - 4 weeks away
  • cheapest cut - $600/month for 1000 sqft
  • pictures - to be posted by ron
  • loot and pillage

sister space - prototyping space

  • molly, justin, ron - will help out

we should have plan B spaces

mike owns the space - it's a conflict of interest

needs to know before a month from now

jay - prefer a disinterested landlord

mike - as a landlord, we'll take care of things

a good landlord agreement


  • outstanding meeting w/ destination winnipeg
  • mike met with ed a month ago - probably good for 5 grand
    • require bylaws, group, etc
  • going to set up a meeting with stem (GoM) - upwards of 25k
  • winnipeg arts council - we should talk to them
  • need an ongoing amount, and also members

consensus vs majority

  • mark's idea - do everything in consensus when possible, use majority when it can't
  • difference between consensus and unanimity
  • - mail in votes/members
  • quorum - if we have quorum, vote happens anyways
  • everybody should sign up to discuss mailing list

mike asked his lawyer to draft up the minimum bylaws

  • mark - take a kiss approach, then have a policy/constitution that doesn't have the same legal * standing but takes care of the more difficult issues

ruby user group meet up - thursday @ 7

space - 24/7 - every member has a key

mark - fundraising idea - auction off a coder for a weekend to code for an open source project - * mark volunteers

  • other idea - bounties
  • certain languages, no apps from scratch, etc

mark - wants to talk to andrew about bookkeeping


  • $100 for stickers, magazine, etc
  • business cheques - another $100 or so
  • about $1000 in the bank account

18:44 - meeting adjourned

February 8, 2011 - 18:00 @ LO Pub

Members present: Andrew, Jay, Justin, Fernando, Dan, Mak, Mark, Glenn, Mike, Stef, Edwin, Burke, Rob, Dave, Russ, Brian, Ron

  • Upcoming events
    • Secret Handshake @ King's Head
    • RONx Manitoba
    • Winnipeg Code Camp
      • Free breakfast, lunch
      • Sign up at
  • SkullSpace Hackathon
    • February 12
    • Red River College
    • Free, donations are good
    • See Events
  • Global 555 hackathon
    • Saturday, February 19
    • No official SkullSpace entry
  • Hexbomber edits an online zine
    • If somebody writes an article, he'll publish it
    • hackthiszine
    • ACTION ITEM - Ron or Martin to write it
  • Memberships
    • Gonna have to start charging very soon
  • Space
    • Owned by mike's holding company
    • We would be required to sign a one-year lease
    • Next step - we need to raise $5000 or so
    • Group activities, etc
    • Make sure we're accountable
    • Flesh out the 'business plan' to potentially get grants
    • Make sure we can get insurance
    • Formalizing projects/etc will help justify government funding
    • Being associated with a good user base will inspire confidence
    • Suggestion: words under the logo ("knowledge - community - technology")
  • Protolab
    • Makerspace - woodworking, metalworking, etc
    • Beyond the scope of skullspace
    • Some desire amongst membership for this kind of stuff
    • Much higher startup cost - $65k - $100k
  • Lounge
    • Presentations, arcade, general meeting, sound equipment, etc
  • Meeting adjourned - 18:38

February 1, 2011 - 18:00 @ LO Pub

Members present: Andrew, Mike, Martin, Dan, Rob, David, Ryan, Russ, Glenn, Ron, Mak, Jay, Burke, Stef, Mark, Cheryl, Alex, Kyle

  • Destination Winnipeg
    • Ed loves helping out with this type of project
    • Two suggestions:
      • 1) Destination Winnipeg - needs a defined business plan (Ed)
      • 2) STEM - community development initiatives (Dave)
      • ACTION ITEM: Ron to meet with Mike, Ed, and Dave to find out more
  • Info about how other hackerspaces are run
    • ACTION ITEM: mark - find out how other hackerspaces deal with theft, vandalism, etc
    • ACTION ITEM: ron - talk to ultramegaman and see what they've done
    • Thought: a legal agreement with memberships might solve our problems
    • Other thought: separating out the expensive stuff into a more tightly controlled area ("prototyping lab")
  • Members
    • ACTION ITEM - andrew to create a list of potential members
    • stef - keeping a list of founding members to encourage people to do it
    • others - that leads to a somewhat elitist attitude that we want to avoid
    • mike - suggested collecting money up front, but that's a chicken/egg problem that's come up before
    • somebody else - suggest prorating the fees paid up front against the actual membership fee
  • Upcoming community events
    • Thursday, February 3, 19:00 @ LO Pub - iPhone developers meetup
    • Saturday, February 5, 10:00 - 13:00 @ Legislature - Freedom of Information Rally
    • Saturday, February 5, 21:00 @ LO Pub - Data Dance ($5)
    • ACTION ITEM: ron - create a list of future/past events
  • Past events
    • Cupcake challenge
      • Videos are up on
      • Winners haven't been announced yet, but after the mess we made on their floor we probably didn't win
    • Charlie Brown Christmas Challenge
      • We won first place!
    • Room Jam
  • Logo
    • "Skullo" is a problem (due to the shape of the key
    • ACTION ITEM - somebody to create a page for logos
    • Everybody likes the "Cutesy" skull
    • Nobody likes the peso/doillar
    • The font needs work on Tish's
    • The key is awesome
    • "double colour" is good (I don't remember who said that or know what they meant)
    • the "redbull" font looks best
  • Branding
    • "people love to look at things" --Dan
    • ACTION ITEM - ron to install countperday on wiki
    • ACTION ITEM - ron to fix wiki logo
  • Hackathon event!
    • A general event on February 12 @ noon
    • ACTION ITEM - stef to check for unused office sace
    • ACTION ITEM - mark to check for room at Red River
    • If both locations fall through, it'll be at mak's. Definitely location to be announced next meeting.
  • Winnipeg Code Camp
    • Happening February 26
    • Red River College on Princess
    • We have our own branded room!
    • We'll be doing free giveaways
  • Bannatyne location
    • Mike was there, spoke on it...
    • Has to be rezoned, then occupency permit, then insurance - then good to go!
    • $600/month + insurance + utilities
    • There's another location on Gertie as a backup
      • Similar size, layout, etc
    • Waiting on governemnt
    • Prototype space
      • Area for more expensive material
      • Huge cash outlay
      • "decapitation clause" - ie, members take care of stuff
      • Access for small business
      • Community access
      • Reciprocal access for SkullSpace
      • ACTION ITEM - Ron to write this up for mailing list for comments (so we have it in writing)
  • ACTION ITEM - Ron to look into mail list archival
  • Ideas for member projects (requested by Mike)
    • Password cracking
      • ACTION ITEM - Ron to email Mike about legalities
    • arduino
    • indoor plant growing with arduino
    • talks/tutorials/workshops (arduino, lockpicking, ethical hacking, etc)
    • b-sides conference
    • nmap scripts
    • etc. (from wiki page Category:Projects)
    • EM stuff
    • Faraday cage
    • First aid
    • Suggestion: get bins for everybody
    • Suggestion: look at ways to encourage people to finish projects
  • Meeting adjourned: 19:06

January 25th, 2011 - 18:00 @ LO Pub

Members present: Corey, Russ, Ron, Jay, Clark, Mark, Andrew, Fernando, Tim

  • Meeting called to order: 18:03
  • Last week's actions items
    • ACTION ITEM - Ron to follow up with stef on his items
    • ACTION ITEM - Ron to follow up with logo designers (Hexbomber, Aaron, Tish, jon, Stef's girlfriend)
  • Upcoming events
    • Wednesday, january 26 - .net user group
    • Thursday, January 27 - Ruby meetup
    • Thursday, January 27 - "tweet up"
    • Friday, January 28 - co-op event @ King's Head or Tavern United
    • Saturday, January 29 - Sunday, January 30 - Room Jam
  • Articles of Incorporation
    • They've been approved, we'll have them back soon
    • ACTION ITEM: Andrew to look at opening the bank account/paypal donation/etc
  • Possible grants
    • Mike is meeting w/ Ed from Destination Winnipeg tomorrow, will get us some information
      • ACTION ITEM: Ron to find out what the deal is and talk about it next meeting
    • Having a lower ratio of males would help with some grants that require equality
      • ACTION ITEM: Andrew (or Molly) to talk to female geeks to raise interest
  • Discussion about power structure going forward
    • Proposal: People who *do* stuff (bank account, etc) don't get a say in what's done
    • ACTION ITEM: Mark will look at how other hackerspaces are run and get back to us
  • Space
    • We may have access to enter next week (in a limited way, controlled by Mike)
    • We should be able to get the lease signed in 2-3 weeks, depending on the city/other factors we can't control
    • We'll have to work together to clean up and sort out a reasonable grand opening date
  • Members
    • We need to get a list of people who will commit to paid memberships once we have a space
    • ACTION ITEM: (assign next week) to start talking to people and finding out who will pay)
  • Meeting adjourned: 18:41

January 18th, 2011 - 18:00 @ LO Pub

Members present: Andrew, Ron, Mak, Darcy, Fernando, Jay, Aaron, Molly, Paul, Mark, Martin, Russ, Stef, Burke

  • Meeting called to order: 18:00
  • Logo ideas
    • Current idea: "SKULL" on top of "SPACE", where the 'E' is the teeth of a key (sketch
    • Leanne (from Manitoban) will work on it
    • Tish is also working on it
    • Stef asked Jon to try something as well
  • Financial status
    • Approximately $43 in the red
    • Main loss this week was from muffins
    • Main gain this week was donations from members
  • Re-cap of the Cupcake Challenge hackathon
    • Events: cupcake baking, coding, lockpick village, introductions, waffles
    • Mak needs to live closer
    • We need to find a space so we don't have to go to Mak's
    • A dozen cupcakes were mailed to Brighton and one (smushed) to Redmond
    • Pictures are posted to Flickr (
    • ACTION ITEM: Andrew to write blog on the muffin challenge
    • Andrew posted a Youtube video (
  • Bannatyne location
    • Initial review of the terms seems reasonable
    • May potentially lead to shared office space
    • We should have emergency contacts who live/work downtown (Stef)
    • Security of equipment - business insurance
    • Cleanliness will be *very* important
    • Eye wash station, etc will be needed
      • To be discussed when we actually have a space
  • Meetings
    • We're moving to weekly meetings
    • Next meeting is Tuesday, January 25, 18:00 @ LO Pub
  • Winnipeg Code Camp
    • Free conference at the end of February
    • 4 tracks, 20 sessions
    • Ron and Mak are speaking for sure, and likely Andrew
    • ACTION ITEM: Stef to submit a talk
    • ACTION ITEM: Ron to send abstract of his and Mak's talks
  • Other events
    • Secret Handshake - Thursday, January 20, 2011
    • Ruby User Meetup - Thursday, January 27, 2011
    • Flash in the Peg - Wednesday, January 19, 2011
    • ACTION ITEM: Andrew (etc) to infiltrate all local groups
  • Public Relations
    • Martin is taking over public relations
    • Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, flickr, etc
    • ACTION ITEM: Everybody to infiltrate Reddit Winnipeg
    • Suggestion for/from Martin: bi-weekly blog update with our current status
    • Idea from Martin: a small paper slip with a QR code
  • Finances
    • If it comes to the point where we can no longer go on, any money (if any) in excess of expenses will not be used for personal profit
    • None of the founders, nor anybody else in the organization, will personally profit from SkullSpace's income
    • Re-embursement is not the same as being paid
  • Events that we host
    • Free for members, small fee for non-members (ultimately to encourage them to become members)
    • Once/month, maybe more
  • Startup funding
    • ACTION ITEM: Martin to look into startup funding
    • ACTION ITEM: Ron to find out about Destination Winnipeg (Ed Suzuki)
    • ACTION ITEM: Stef to find out about Yes Winnipeg
    • Note: Assiniboine Credit Union might be a potential source for B-sides Winnipeg
  • Meeting adjourned: 19:04

January 4th, 2011 - 17:30 @ LO Pub

Members Present: Andrew, Dan, Dave, Mak, Ron, Russ

  • Logo
    • no bones
    • minimal detail
    • ability to render as one colour
    • "SkullSpace" in the logo
    • not scary
    • cartoony/cute/anime
    • skull as one of the letters perhaps (the skull is not the focus of the logo)
    • one of the S's should have a white fedora on it
    • book
    • lock and key
    • ACTION ITEM: Andrew to get this info into logo designers' hands
  • A-zone space
    • ACTION ITEM : Mak to ask Mark about the space and get response
  • Cupcake challenge
    • January 15th, Saturday
    • Mak's place
  • breachdb
    • Ron wants to make a statistics site about password breaches
    • searchable and whatnot
    • db schema was refined
  • Stuff Wishlist
    • Projector
      • ACTION ITEM: Ron to be in charge of projector
    • Chairs
    • Networking equipment
  • Finances
    • Still ~$200 in debt.
  • Members
    • ACTION ITEM: Ron to make member benefits page
    • Dues
      • $40/month
      • $20/students or low income